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Posted:Was reading BBC news this morning and found this. What do you think. I couldn't handle anything in my eyes so this is a defo no no for me.. eek

Interested to see what it'd look like though...

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Posted:its gross .. glass eyes are cooler

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Posted:isn't it personal choice?

i'm an ex-body piercer (i gave up because i couldn't afford the full training) and i have over 30 piercings, including some along my spine. I would seriously consider the eye implant if it was offered to me. I have always regarded my metal as art, and the implant appeals to me because of the fact that there's art in what sees art...if you get my drift. There are also eyelid piercings (see link above and look around). Most body mods, no matter where or what they are are not that dangerous. Although, as all people who go to repuytable places are told, there are minor risks, and they shoudl be aware of adverse reactions etc etc.

I do think that its personal choice. Some people go out and spend hundreds on a versace suit. i'd rather spend it on tats and piercings.



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Posted:I completely agree about it being personal choice.

The difference between the eye implant thing and ear/body piercing is that we don't really know the dangers of the eye thing. Its new and only a few people have had it done. We don't know of any long-term effects it could have on the eye either. I'd be terrified of something going wrong and ending up blind!

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Posted:Yeah, if this thing ends up being as safe as they claim it to be, Im sure 5 - 10 years down the line it will be as common as piercings today. Imagine what they'll come up with... Spiral implants around the iris, glow/uv, complete color changes of the cornia, etc.

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