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Posted:Finally! I spun with fire! I spent all morning yesterday making a staff, and am really proud of it. The wicks are denim and the staff is wood, and will prolly only last for another couple of burns, but we got a good 5 or 6 out of it last night.
I asked my dad if i could light up and he said alright if he could stand there with a fire extinguisher(sp?!). I got a damp towel out and was all ready to go.
It was well scary! The first burn didn't light up very well, but we got it in the end. The flames are well loud! just after i started spinning dad rushed into the workshop and came out sporting a hard hat rolleyes I was too scared to do much with it so just spun it in front, and managed to do a couple of behind the back passes once the flames got really ickle. Hannah was less scared than me, and managed to do more! I don't know wether it was the fumes from the parrafin or the adrenaline but I went really hyper, which resulted us juggling with beanie babies in my room ubblol


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Posted:Well done Aimee! hug beerchug
you can only keep getting better with it now.
If your a bit scared of fire you could try lighting up during the day, i found this helped because its not dark so the flames arent quite as bright and intimidating as usual and they dont appear to be wooshing past your face so fast.

Keep up the good work! biggrin

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Posted:yay! well done, dunno wot iot means but sounds good :P

hav u got msn i need to tlk to u!!
Luv ya JO x


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Posted:Congratulations! smile

It's the best feeling when you're finally brave enough to light up. It will get less scary the more you practice.

Have fun!!
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Posted:Congratulations!!! beerchug

Your first burn is sooooo exciting. After mine, I didn't wash my clothes for about a week, coz I was so into the smell of parrafin all over them ubbloco

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Posted:oh yeah... I love the sound of the flames! cool

BTW, never be too quick with a fire extingusher - improperly used too close to skin and they can give a nasty case of frostbite. a damp towel is always best unless things are getting out of hand.

And mucho congats and welcome to the club! Just remember that when you play with fire, you will occasionally get burned. Be smart and safe and it will be rare and minor event whenever you do get burned.

And congradulations again! I can feel part of the excitement of my first time with fire everytime I read someone talk about theirs. ubbrollsmile

Burn on. beerchug


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Posted:Nice one Aimz!! Props for your first time and like they say, you'll soon stop being scared of it. Maybe your Dad will stop wearing his hard hat too! ubblol

Let's relight this forum ubblove


Carpal \'Tunnel
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BTW, never be too quick with a fire extingusher - improperly used too close to skin and they can give a nasty case of frostbite.

yeh i know! i was saying 'dad! put that thing away! im gonna thump you if you squirt me with that!'

going down B&Q later to look how expansive chains and 'rods' are, so i can make my own poi. need to find an inexpensive wick thats a lil more durable than denim tho....

thanks for all the congrats hug

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Posted:Congrats on your first burn!! It's a rush, isn't it?

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Kapura Mataaro
Kapura Mataaro

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Posted:hey, congrats...it is an awesome feeling isn't it? biggrin
you will never want to be without fire now...just wait....
its growing....
the converted of us can see it...
well...smell it anyway... ubbloco rolleyes biggrin

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Posted:Thats cool, nice one. I can remember the first time I lit up - its wicked. wink

Just remember to stay safe!


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I was always scared with my mother's obsession with the good scissors. It made me wonder if there were evil scissors lurking in the house somewhere.

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Mistress Aurora

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Posted:Congratulations!!! beerchug

It was scary my first time to burn. Still kinda scared of the flames, but the more I use fire the more comfortable I am spinning with it. ubbtickled

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Posted:Well done Aimee.
The wet towel of safety.....yay for the wet towel of safety.

Kevlar from HOP is cheapest I have seen. I made towelling wicks with cages and kevlar is way better.

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Posted:That is fantastic! Congrats and welcome to the "addicted to fire and when do I get to do it again" club.

hug hug wave wave

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Posted:whoot! i did it agin! but this time with poi biggrin Went down B&Q today to find that 'brake cabel' as my dad calls it, or wire type stuff was 58p a meter. i nearly fell down in shock! so i got 2 meters of that, and a meter of this thick rope stuff that soked up teh parrifin pretty good.
I took all the stuff home and my dad got right into it! went down into the workshop and he was like 'oh! we can use this....AND this...oh and this would be good!' so i got a set of pretty good fire poi now. oh and had some family around as well and taught my cousin the 3beatweave in like half an hour. it took me a like week mad
anyhoo WHOOT! FIRE! hehe


Carpal \'Tunnel

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oh hang on...you said brake cable..

I personally belive its poo.

Ballchain (medium) is my personal preference. WIth brake cable there just isnt enough give in it, if you understand what i mean.

but all the same



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Posted:Mazel Tov! I'm still a ways behind you- my parents probably won't let me light up at all, much less help me make fire poi! But *maybe* sometime this summer??????

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Posted:YAY!!! biggrin How exiting! The first burn is always an amazing feeling...

It was great that you had your dad looking out for you with safety gear too smile

Perhaps consider investing in some Kevlar Wicking for your staff ... it is well worth the cost and will last much much longer than dennem so you will not have to replace it so often... (and is also a lot safer as it dosen't flake off or spark while twirling)

Good on you! smile Happy twirling!*:.

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Posted:*POP* <----- I think we all know what that was.

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