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Posted:I was lucky enough to go to florida for spring break. We went to Anna Marie Island one of the days with a new friend's vigital video camera for some fire on the beach - here's the vid edited by me in Windows Movie Maker.

Edit -- (4/15/2004)

Added music and threw in some clips of Maciej, the staff spinner whose camera it was.

Fire Poi on the Beach

peace ubblove weavesmiley

EDITED_BY: kittyn (1082043638)

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Posted:Beautiful spinning, nice and fluid.


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Posted:Nice vid, I liked the fluidity of the spinning... the corkscrew motions were really comfortable for you and went very well with the way your body moves when you're spinning.

A couple suggestions if you're planning on making another video (and I hope you are!):
1.)You may want to add some music into your vids, hearing wind blowing through the whole clip makes me turn the media player volume down and chuck in an mp3 of my own to make up for it. Your spinning goes great with Alice Deejay, says I. smile
2.)Definitely, if you or anyone else is going to make a video, use a tripod or other camera stabilization device (even setting it on a table or something works).

Keep it up, contributing members make the video forum that much more interesting and lively! smile

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Posted:your fluidity is beautiful, kit!
it is a pretty video to watch.
thanks yoo! peace

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Posted:i want to have your children

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still can't believe it's not butter
Location: Melbourne, Australia
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Posted:^^^ bwa ha ha that's gotta be the compliment of the century beerchug ubblol
me likeS!

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Posted:Very Nice! biggrin biggrin biggrin


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Posted:lovin it :P

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