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Posted:is there any way to speed up this move??

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Posted:are you talking about spinning your body 540 or the staff 540?

either way, sounds like practice smile fingerspins always seem faster to me when you spin in a forward direction which is the same direction as my bodies spinning, but I dont know, perhaps they are the same.


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Posted:Ummmmmm practice is all i can say. practice practice practice.
It took me three weeks to get a slow, continuous spin in each hand both ways.
I made myself a couple of small staffs(only 30cm long) to practice with - while reading forums wink reading a book, watching TV. scatter them around your house smile
i know a few people who can do it really well (i still cant do it fast) & it looks great. cant even see their fingers move & just looks like a blur.

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Posted:yup, i totally agree... practice practice and yet more practice. And it still wont be as fast as you want it!!! grrr!!!

As far as i can see, the main idea is to get the spins as smooth as possible and then work on speed.

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