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I recently watched this film called Dead Man Walking (about a man on death row) with a friend of mine who is very open minded and spiritual. By the end of the film I felt such horror at what human beings and the people we vote into power could do. I felt that the murder the establishment commited was far worse that the one that the criminal in question committed in that it was entirely premeditated. I have never believed in the death penalty anyway but the film just horrified me.

However, my friend shocked me. By the end of the film she was for the death sentance. I was flabbergasted as I felt so moved by the film.
I cant quite get my head round it to be truthful and I wandered what, in particular those who lived in a country with the death penalty, thought about it.

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I ageree with Toneman, address the why and rehabilitate. However, I also agree that there are lost causes and maybe we should make them pay for their keep - even as far as giving them the jobs that most people dont want to do, hard labour, whatever.... at least then they are making apositive contribution to society and being punished for their crimes.

Sorry Pele if I did not make myself clear. In no way am I saying that black people are likely to commit crime because of an underpriviledged background. What I was saying was that ANYBODY from poverty have more disadvantages and reason/opportunity to commit crime.

Seperately, I was saying that due to racism and stereotypes certain members of society may be disadvantaged in that the legal system may be more predjudiced against them.

Dom -
Compassion won't help some people, they'll use it against you, so should you just turn off all outward emotion
. Shit man, people have been turning away for years and it hasnt worked. I dont beleive that humans are naturally compassionate and loving, but we do have the capacity to be. IMHO love is infectious. OK there are those who would take advantage but we have set an example. Im not saying cuddle them and send them on their way. I am saying that this is a path that humans have historically avoided and violence has escalated because of it.

Murder is the highest degree of violence, whether it was an on the spur of the moment thing or premeditated by criminal or establishment.

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Firefairy, I agree that love is infectious. I quite like the way you see things actually. But Only if we are talking "global love" when you don't expect ANYTHING in return... you know what I mean ? I'd say love almost in a buddhist way may be the answer in this case... I don't have that... I probably never will have that love... But i've met a few people who do and they never cease to amaze me...

And Allthough obviously murder is awful ... I must say that some crimes to me are even more violent... the result sometimes is not physical death, but the death of a soul... But then again ... you always have a little chance to save the victim if they survived, I know ...

I am still not convinced of any solution on what to do with those "hopeless" mentally disturber criminals... Would love to hear more input on that (other than the death penalty issue...).

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I generally agree with a lot of what Pele says, but the 'genetically' predispositioned to murder thing keeps nagging me. We're constantly told not to discriminate for that which somebody has no control over. If you're genetically fat, thin, tall, short, ugly, pretty, black, white, whatever... I shouldn't discriminate against you. So why discriminate them because they're genetically violent as it's not that different. Shades of grey.

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I would still like to hear how Pele or Dom justifies having a death penalty if you are also killing innocent people.

On the off topic note, about assisted suicide, they have a pretty good record going in Oregon. There's also some pretty bad cases in... was in Norway? **** I don't remember now. mrr. anyhoo, it can be done well, i guess i'm saying. we voted on legalizing it in MI but they turned it down... course we are infamous for Dr. Kevorkian and everything... hrrrm. i'm done now

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