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Posted:ok ok. i'm never buying from ebay again.

i tried to get a black violin to learn on. so i bid on a black violin. i won a black violin. i paid for the very same black violin.

2 weeks later and it's still not here, not even a shipping confirmation emailed to me, and i email the people, asking for my violin.

my dad meanwhile tries to `fix` it by calling them and demanding the violin. they're out of stock of the black one i wanted. he tells them to just send a `natural color` one.

but no.

i bid on a BLACK violin, i paid for a BLACK violin, i want my damned BLACK violin.

so why exactly are they auctioning items they don't have in stock anyway?

btw, this business has over 10,000 positive feedback.

freakin ebay.

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Posted:only one thing for it...

oir two..

phone the comany again and tell them. Tell them your complaint. tell them you have paid for a black violin and yo expect a violin. If they are arseholes/...tell them about trading standards (or the US equivalant)


email Ebay and complain.

I have used ebay on a few different ocasions and find the people to be great sellers. The last bloke even sent my payment back with the item!!!!!!!! (fooking dipshit). And befoire that..the seller sent the item without recieving payment.

Give the biddres with high ratings a chance. Often it is for legitimate reasons...


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A BLACK violin??? Did they have violas?? biggrin

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