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Posted:Perhaps it's because fruit bats are flying in each night to nick apples out of the neighbour's tree, but I was just wondering if anyone has a poi totem or familiar.

Like, I was spinning the other night and it just came to me that my poi sounded like an owl's wings flapping, as an owl flies through the forest on moon light night. So, all this made me wonder if anyone has a poi totem or familiar? Like a llama or vegemite sandwich.

If we as members of the human race practice meditation, we can transcend our fear, despair, and forgetfulness. Meditation is not an escape. It is the courage to look at reality with mindfulness and concentration. Thich Nhat Hanh

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Posted:yeah, geelong is crap. went out last night, but being geelong nothing at all was happening. *sulk*

cygnets is my little "im an ugly duckling but im going to grow into a swan"!! yeah, im pathetic. but im 17 so im allowed to be!

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

Rougie: but that's what I'm doing here
Arnwyn: what letting me adjust myself in your room?..don't you dare quote that on HoP...


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