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Posted:Just after investing in a lovely powerbook and now need an equally lovely ISP for it.

If anyone has any advice on what UK broadband suppliers are best- would much appreciate your advice please.



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Posted:ooo i would like to know too biggrin biggrin

pleaseee cookies to all that help us biggrin hug

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Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
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Posted:there are lots..
but it depends on where you live..
bt only does broadband in certain areas...

ntl are also good.

as are telewest.

you just need
to look on the web for offers and details.



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Location: The Middle lands
Member Since: 19th Aug 2003
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Posted:I've got the 1 meg line (double broadband) from Telewest and have no problems with it whatsoever. Although I'm lucky cuz apparently I live about 4 miles from one of their 3 main uk servers. Everyone I know on Telewest speaks highly of them, and being cable it's a lot better than phone line based broadband as it isn't subject to the massive volumes of traffic, like BT broadband who's availability is up and down like juggling ball!

I go to dsl.com a few times a month to check my bandwidth and it's always within 95% of what it should be, and sometimes has been over 100%! eek

I would recommend trying one of the smaller brands also, they have fewer customers and thus less demand so peak traffic can be a lot smoother.

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Location: Bristol, England
Member Since: 22nd Apr 2002
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Posted:Yeah listen to the Bug, he speaks sense, biggrin

We've had Telewest broadband for Years now and they rock. No trouble at all. Most of my friends have it too.

They even do a 2Mb one for you download junkies. eek

A friend who had BT has had loads of trouble with connections dropping and slow rate.

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playing the days away
Location: The Middle lands
Member Since: 19th Aug 2003
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Posted:Listen to Garth cuz he speaks sense too wink beerchug

A mate of mine has the 2meg line aswell and although it costs him 50 snots a month he downloads like 6gig a night eek He has every film known to man I think!! Personally I prefer tunes..

If you shop around there are some real bargains about at the mo but most of them at BT based offers and although cheap the service is still the same as any other BT based broadband, but I guess you get your moneys worth if you're not that bothered. Like you say you got a laptop so I doubt your online 24/7 yeah?
Another friend has just got t'internet for the first time and has gone with a cheapo BT option, I think he gets 512k between 8am and 6pm and then 1024k at night but only pays about 28! Bargain really if your not a hardcore user or consistently downloading.

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Location: nottingham
Member Since: 30th Mar 2001
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Posted:well I am on 600K NTL and they are OK that is they work most of the time and when it is working it is great but if anything goes wrong their service is overtly poor it is silly!
although nthell is a good resource if anything goes bad....

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Posted:you don't get a choice what cable supplier you have if you gof for cable, as there's only ever one service in an area. I've 600k NTL and it's fine - good service when working (99% of the time), pretty poor customer service and a really millitant billing policy (i'm forever getting ntl bills cause they give you a month to pay them, but send you reminders throughout the month).

ADSL you get to choose, because all ADSL ISPs get their traffic tunnelled by BT, it just depends where you lie as to whether there is adsl available (if you evver hear crackles on your phone line the answer is no).

I don't have a mac, but a housemate does, and I can highly recomend NTL, as their cable modems have a lan connection as well as usb, meaning any computer - PC/Mac/linux/unix etc can use it, without having to install crappy software.

Location: Bournemouth
Member Since: 14th Jul 2002
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Posted:Try the forums at www.adslguide.org.uk

Plenty of excellent advice to be had!


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