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DeepSoulSheepGOLD Member
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I'm in a bit of a Samba buzz at the minute.

I have recently come across my cd of the year called brazilified Brazilified (get it) and I want more!!! biggrin

It's kinda a blend of electronic music, beautifull singing and I recognise a couple lots samba rythems, like samba reggae and other familiar bell patterns on it.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good samba based stuff. I have a couple of traditional samba cds already but some more blended fushiony type stuff'd be well cool




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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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samba pop or samba fusion compilations are sadly often found in the bargain bin where i shop ubbidea.
it's better than pop music but isn't marketed as much as pop, hey? smile
Sergio Mendes is a Sambaleiro you'd want to check out.
erm musically. wink

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