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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Okay, I'm being badgered to go to this. From what I've read it seems good. Anyone been / going / heard anything about it?

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Helz Bellz
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Posted:I like the name..."Big Chill"...sounds like something I'd like...
Do you have any info on it, like where it is and what the deal is?

hug peace hug

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Uncle Chop Chop
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Posted:www.bigchill.net, i was gonna go last year but went to another fest instead it sounds and by the look of the pics pretty good.

Might pay it a visit depends on the cash flow after glasto n stuff.

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Posted:James, that looks like it might coincide with the Jiggs & Riggs on Rathlin, if of course it's being held the same weekend as last year - the August bank holiday.

I've heard that the Rathlin gig is defo going ahead again, but dates are tbc ubbrollsmile

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Ooooo, that makes things slightly different then.... ubbidea
I dunno now....

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.


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Posted:I'm back in Eire that weekend. Going to a wedding on 29th tho so probably won't be in any shape to move for a couple of days

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Posted:Would love to go but im in south africa!!!! smile yay!!! am sooooooo excited!!!! ubbloco
xx tatty xx ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Have missed out on Glasto tickets, ubbcrying but looking on the bright side, definately keen for Big Chill. A more intimate fest is more my scene wink
Just looked at the website, looks like the kind of thing I would go to in NZ, camping rocks! wave

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Posted:I heard from someone that there might be restrictions on where you can go with a childs ticket for the 'Big Chill' and i'm 16 so thats wot ill get is this true?


back after 5 years...
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Posted:i will be there!
... along with about 4 other spinners. I will bring my luxeon led poi. We will be the ones with the 11m high flagpole with a strobe on the top.

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Still wiggling
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Posted:Hey there James,

I just decided to post on this thread to say you were muchly missed (by me, and everyone else) at the little spinny thing we had in Dublin last weekend...

G'on sunshine... come to Rathlin (not this weekend, but next), you know you want to be pestered all day:

'James, will you teach me how to do isolations'


'you mean like this (thump, thwack)'

'but where does my hand go then?!'

etc, etc

- wouldn't that be fun?!!

Ok, then, I'll bring... emmm.. packets of Wotsits and Tayto cheese and onion crisps?!!

lol, take care

Clare xo

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