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Posted:Hi all from Perth, WA!
Tuesday nights fire spinning...
Chances are that there will be a location change from monmouth street (where it is currently) to Hyde park in Mt Lawley. It's only about 500m away, but Cormack might be moving soon. This will probably take effect as of Tuesday 13th April. I'll keep this updated if/when it becomes definate.

Tuesday Nights
generally 8:30pm(sometimes abit later) till 10:30/11:00pm
Hyde Park, Mt Lawley.
Hope to see you there! weavesmiley

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A perth girl gone walkabout...
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Posted:Hyde parks not a bad location, I might have to start coming along, rather than a once or twice a year sort of thing.
Could never replace South Beachs place in my heart, but might have to check it out, Keep us informed, Cheers beerchug

I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin



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Posted:A small horde of us are now meeting at The Lucky Shag near the Bell tower Tuesday night from 7.45ish onwards.

Must be the English inflenece meeting at a pub. Damn you Durbs and Rob

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