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Posted:*cough* who here thinks these would hold? i know they're light tube core heads, but are those namebadge clips holding them to the chains?

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Posted:Eeeep - they don't look strong at all. A good soak and fast spin would bend those completely and then it's flying Poi head time eek

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Posted:I wouldnt be so sure on that durbs..

Ive seen clips like that which were REALLY hard to open. So the metal may be really quite strong...



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Posted:Easily solved folks,
switch the little clips and split rings for Quick Links and you'd be laughing. biggrin
nice enough price too...


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Posted:either way im intruiged to see the 'instructions in pdf format'
for poi??
dip. move away from parrafin.light.spin.
or is it an entire manual full of complex twisty stuff.
one wonders...
but one cant download pdf on this pc

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Posted:The instructions are actually for another one of their products called the FyreBall, a flaming juggling ball.

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Posted:I personally don't like the idea of split rings on the fire end of a set of chains. I had a split ring holding 2 glowsticks that opened up and sent the sticks flying across a club, there's no way I'd trust them to hold fire. Really strong split rings at the handle end are safe I think, but not at the HOT end, lol.

As far as those litle name badge clips, I don't really think you can tell just from the pic, it looks significantly larger than the ones on name badge laniards, so if they're made of the right material, I guess they could be pretty strong, but the fact that there's no real security precaution keeping it closed worries me. Quicklinks are just too safe not to use, lol. Make sure they're tight before you spin and they're worry free. I'd like to see Poi bend a quick link and come off! Won't happen.

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