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Posted:OMG, there is some very very strange, for what a better word, wtf?! Childrens TV on at the moment. The makers have taken far too many drugs, i fear the next generation of children................

It's been on for 20 minutes now, and it just gets more trippy and strange. On at 1am on saturday night i could understand, but prime time toddler viewing, umm, what?

maybe i'm missing something, or just going insane, agggghhhh, someone call me an ambulance!


its based on a flash animation thing that smallgirl posted here a few months ago. It's just so so wrong! For coked up junkies ok it could be kinda funny, but sane children? what? Is this like, take some drugs and watch tv with your kids time?

It appears to be called Boohbah, and having just watched it i think i want to jump off a very tall chair, then stare at a tree for few years


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Posted:i find it kinda cool............
should i be worried?

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Posted:i quite like it...

but i guess you could say my opinion is biased after the weekend i just had umm

the narrator is quite annoying and some of the concepts i found a little advanced for midweek daytime viewing - e.g. "Look What I Can Do, finds a kid engaged in some simple activity like hopping in a circle on one foot. The challenge to viewers to try it for themselves is unstated, yet irresistible." it was my opinion that they should have started off using both legs to move in a straight line and over a period of 3 or 4 episodes, slowly progressed towards the circular hop technique.
but all in all, its as good if not better than the second series of 24 and is the natural successor to the now defunct 'sopranos'.

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Posted:I find boobahs very very very disturbing, the noise the eyes make when they move them is freaky, the way they talk is just plain sinister, beats the pants off teletubbies for freakiness. eek

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Posted:Heh, has anyone else noticed the direct correlations between the teletubbies and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

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Posted:they look like rejected/messed up Peeps to me. peeps are so yummmmmy!~




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the five Boohbahs (despite resembling assorted-flavor gumdrops clad in Astroturf) are meant to be magical atoms of energy.

ubblol ubblol
It would drive me insane if I worked there for 4 months!

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Posted:Booh Bah intoxication

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