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So ok, more my own fault than anything else - which makes me even more angry/upset with myself... but

Basically we have lost all our digital photos from about the start of Novemeber till End of January. (kate hears Glass in the background saying 'oh no not again.....')

This includes half our trip to India (some shots were amazing!!) and nearly every party and Hopper we met this summer. ubbcrying *very upset*

So just a friendly reminder kids.... when you or someone else is going to re-install windows/upgrade...whatever.

Make sure you:

1) Back up all your stuff that you WANT
2) Tell the person who is upgrading their software to back your gear up, if you haven't done so yourself.

Otherwise... you'll come home one day and it will all be *GONE* but whoo hoo you have windows XP.

It's stuff like this that makes me wish we had just taken photos the good old fashioned way, at least then you can only loose them in a fire or something... not from slackness.

Although I have heard many a tale of photos being lost in the post, damaged by water etc.. etc...

So I guess the best thing to do is, just make sure you remember your trip as well as possible, and really try to have a good time. At least then the only way you will loose those memeories is if you get amnesia, or get forgetful in your old age.

<end rant>

Thanks for reading. peace


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Posted:I'm glad I've not taken the digital step yet... frown

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Posted:yep, i can highly recomend putting them all on a website. That way other people can enjoy them, and if your house burns down/is robbed etc, there's still copies of them all online on a webserver somewhere smile


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Posted:kate, my heart breaks at the news, cus photos aren't just photos, they're frozen moments of your life. it's a massive loss when those moments are real special too frown
have you added much stuff on the HDD since installing the OS?
did the installation require a format?
I ask cus you can reclaim image files using special software if teh answer to both questions is no.

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Posted:'oh no not again.....'

hugs to kate for feeling crap cos of loosing good things
hugs to Josh for feeling crap cos of loosing good things and getting beat up by kate.
I don't know the exact exchange rate at the mo, but I reckon thats gonna cost josh ... at least, a cooked breakfast in bed every sunday for a month. ubbangel

all this wouldn't have happened if you'd only come and visited me smile more frequenty


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