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Posted:I am spinning with a uni club at the moment, and I feel really weird about it. For a start, I feel way too old. I am a staff member there, and by god do I feel like the odd one out amongst the students.

I am better than the other poi spinners there. I know more, and I can put it together more smoothly. But there are some amazing skills around me and some nifty new ideas. Its just that I feel so strange about teaching. If I walk up to someone and say "hey, what can I teach you?" it will sound so arrogant. And it shuts me out. Its not so bad with total newbies, but with those who know a lot already. I don't know how to bridge the divide of age and skill level.

Any suggestions?

And if any of you were there, please know I think you are lovely. And I may seem quiet and strange and arrogant, but I am just feeling uncomfortable. Its not you, its me.

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Posted:but perhaps the act of getting someone off their podium is percieved as arrogant? i met one guy who though he was the head poi macho dude cos he could do a 5bt weave - not even in a combo. he was so full of himself and showing off for the entire evening i ended up lighting up once and doing some basic double neck wraps to shut him up.
would that single act be defined as arrogant - i didnt mean to put him in his place below me [cos i really dont care], just show him that he's got alot to learn and i hate cocky bastards. confused

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Posted:yeah but Dentrassi, at the end of the day there are a LOT of people who will turn their back when they see someone doing something they cant, because they would rather live in a bubble of poignorance than admit they have something to learn...

much of ego is sustained by ignorance.


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Posted:poignorance!! ubblol ubblol ubblol hug

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Posted:is arrogance simply the act of thinking you are better than everyone?

or is it the act of telling people you are better than them..

personally i find teaching people stuff great as I laugh when they constantly hit themselves, but they DO learn the move, which [cliche]at the end of the day[/cliche] is what they wanted to do.

Whats wrong with telling people you are better than them, if in fact, you actually are? confused

Websters says that "arrogant" is having or displaying an overbearing feeling of self worth or importance. But surely you cant control being arrogant. You cant simply say "Im going to get rid of my overbearing feeling of self worth today" can you?

argh..*does anyone else have those times when they know what they want to say, but not how to say it, or even where they were going with it?*


Hows this?: A spinner comes up to you and says "im a great spinner". Is this person arrogant, lying or simply stating a fact?


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Posted:That's a good point UCOF.

Whoa... that felt really weird to write. wink

Looking at the definition, the word "Overbearing" seems to stick out as the modifier. If you're the best at something, so be it. It's what you do with that fact that makes is arrogant or not.

If you have a high level of aptitude with something, but are not being overbearing with that information, I don't think you're arrogant, just good.

So to answer your question UCOF... Yes, it is possible to state the fact that you are a good spinner in a way that is not arrogant.

It also depends on context, as do all things.

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