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Ive done a search and cant really find what im looking for so i decided to ask! smile

Can anyone tell me how to fold cathedrals? how much kevlar (length and width) is best to use for a medium sized head? And how to attach it to chains? I dont really want to buy any coz i wanna do this myself, but i cant really find any info anywhere on it.

Please help,

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Posted:if you go to where it says news at the top, and then articles, somewhere theres an article about how to fold cathedrals smile

with little animations and everything. cool

ive got what id call medium sized heads on mine, and each is made from a big bolt (with a loop on the end to attach to chains), some huge washers, and a couple of nuts tightened against each other and about 3ft of 2 inch wide wick, purchased from airtime in exeter smile

i got the hard bits from a hardware shop.

happy folding peace

edit: just gone to check article was still there, and its here weavesmiley

o and these are cool too

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Posted:I've posted my recipe as well.

FWIW, the formula I use to figure the length of kevlar is

[number of folds] x [width of kevlar + 0.4" for foldover] x 2 (two strips). So if you plan on having 10 folds per wick, and your kevlar is 2 inches wide, you'll need two 24" strips to make one wick. Or 96" total.

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