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Posted:I first learned of poi from The Ring Lord's chainmaille forum, Armoured Raven from las vegas showed us some, they were neet.

Later, I asked my friend if he had ever heard of poi. Of course he has! He's been spinning fire poi for years! Busting out a couple of studded leather belts, he shows me a 3 bt weave. I was damned impressed.

So, a month or so after, I went and made myself a set, started practicing, and have gotten pretty decent in the month i've been spinning (started the day after valentines day). I don't hit myself with any fowards moves i know (3bt weave, butterfly, corkscrew and windmill), just perfected my backwards 3bt weave, and (i think i) can keep my planes pretty clean.

He comes out tonight when i'm practicing, and i let him try some moves. All he does is a 3bt weave that's far too fast and far too clunky, for my tastes anyway. He explains to his girlfriend that the tennis balls are there to soak up fuel and you set them on fire. And he was struggling to keep his planes clean enough to not hit himself in the head.

So I rant about this. Why don't people tell the truth? Why do some people always have to impress others?

Now don't get me wrong, I like attention as much as the next guy (ok ok, even more). I started swords, juggling, and poi, not for the health benefits, but to put on a show for, and to impress the people who can't do them. But I've also always been honest with people who know how to do what I know how to do, or what I want to learn how to do.

I don't understand why some people have to appear to be `cooler` than others, even if they don't know what they're doing.

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Posted:who knows why....but I find most poi spinners I've met are more or less ego-free about their art and take most pleasure from teaching, learning and practising, and not from the praise of others.

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Posted:A thirst for energy caused by insecurity. It's a common problem though it manifest itself in many different ways. smile

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Posted:when i describe my abilities the words "cr@p" and "sh!t" feature a lot.


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Posted:I was walking in a park one day, and saw this guy that looked like he was maybe 20 years old spinning poi in front of a crowd of maybe 20 people. There were two other people sitting down that looked like his friends, each holding poi, and as I walked by, all I heard was this part of the conversation:

"...yeah, I'm probably the best spinner in California, DEFINITELY in southern california."

I kind of giggled as I walked by, and he started giving me all this attitude. I felt an urge to borrow his poi and spin for a minute or two, but fought it and walked away steamed at the stupidity of some people. I can definitely see why some people have a big ego when it comes to poi, because it's so easy to want to prove your skills to others just for the sake of wanting to feel superior. I only wish people like the guy in the park can try to show the same restraint I did by simply walking away, rather than embarassing him, but at the same time ruining the spirit of what poi should be about.


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Posted:Some people are stupid

these people are divided into several catagories:

type A: Honestly think their the best cuz there are no other spinners in the area
type B: Egotistic morons
type C: those who feel they have someting to prove

then there are us who spin within our means because:

type X: People in control of their ego
type Y: people afraid of fire
type Z: people who honestly spin just for the fun of it

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Posted:heh this thread merits a move to social discussion.

Bearing in mind that it is *natural* to face that tought inner ego.
Dammit I thought i was hot [censored] too, but (eventually) realised that i had no idea at all about the fire community outside of HoP/Melbourne.
If you did too, then don't-look-back-in-anger, cus being firey spirits we're passionate types!
It is liberating to treat twirling as a gift-performance you are sharing, rather than simply satisfying conceit. It's a happy thing to separate skill from feelin' secure. biggrin

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Posted:hmmm... well its possible that he has been doing it for several years - but hasnt progressed at all. also if he hasnt seen any other spinners - he probably thinks he's really good!

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I find most poi spinners I've met are more or less ego-free about their art and take most pleasure from teaching, learning and practising, and not from the praise of others.

not so for me. the menbourne twirlers i get to meet occasionally, yes. however the 'friends' of mine in geelong who twirl...not so...

the best example i can think of is my friend and i going to a party and he said he wasnt going to twirl but he'd take his gear for me to use. so i was tiwling away, having a bit of fun when i started to get attention...then omg, who then took his poi back and wouldnt let me touch them for the rest of the night. it really irritates me. mad

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Posted:I'm quite happy to say that im at the stage now where i go out twirling with a group of people, and manage to make them all look heaps better than they really are.

As for egotistical spinners, its always going to happen, no matter what you are learning or doing. there'll always be the people that reckon that they are absolutely awesome, whether they are or not. Its whether they let you make up your own mind, and speak with their abilities, or whether they constantly remind you of the fact that they think they are brilliant, that determines whether they are a good spinner. Id rather talk to someone that can do half a dozen things, and know that they have lots more to learn, than someone that can do all the tricks in the book, and know that they know all the tricks.

Is that followable?

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