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Posted:so i admit....i'm a basketball nut. i'm not a big fan of pro ball, but i love college ball. just watched the Mountain West conference tourny this week, and my team didn't win frown but my conference got 3 teams into the 64.

so anyone else a fan of this time of year?

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Posted:If I'm not playing the sport, I'm not interested... Unless Stanford's playing. Then I'll watch.


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so anyone else a fan of this time of year?

not sportswise, it means for me:
the cricket season in oz is over ubbcrying
the football season is just starting ubbcrying and since my team were axed from the major comp a few years ago I'm still a bitter and twisted bears fan ubbloco



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Posted:I'm not much of an armchair sports fan myself. If I'm not playing it I don't tend to follow it very much and have no real attachment to any particular sport/team.....unless it's about 3am, I can't sleep and aussie rules football/snowboarding/skateboarding/scrambling/curling/any other sport you don't often see but is great at entertaining you when you're insomnia ridden!!

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Posted:Well it is Paddy's day month. 2 days to go...

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Posted:Duke is my second favorite team...

,,,all the others are tied! smile




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Posted:I love march cos most of my friends birthdays are in it.
Lotsa par-tays biggrin