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Posted:well, i was just outside on my patio practicing staff, twisters, toss juggling and some other stuff. Im not an expert yet so i still drop my balls and as a scooped up one of them a splinter on the patio rammed itself a clean cintimeter under my fingernail. It doesnt hurt much and it didnt bleed, but i'd still like to get it out. You can see it through the fingernail, but there isnt any of the splinter haning out so i cant pull it out, i chew on my nails so i cant shorten them anymore and im not sure what to do. if i dont get any ideas ill just wait for it to grow out, but i thought i'd ask you guys for opinions first.

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Posted:Don't wait for it to grow out! You really don't want an infection under your finger nail... try some pointed tweezers, or a pin? Depends how far from the edge of the nail it is, I suppose.

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Posted:I know this may be a radical idea, but...

Go see a doctor!

Internet Bulletin Boards are possibly one of the worst places to ask for medical advice, and take it from someone who has had some swelling under his don't want any problems.

See a doc, please, my finger is tingling in sympathy already... eek eek

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