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Posted:You know what I hate....SPAM! Not the meat, the unsolicited emails received in their thousands!!

the first email account I ever set up was and over time it got spammed more and more and more. Now I decided to keep it (and apparently I'm the only person in the UK with my name so you'd think it'd not be so popular).

I never did forwarding or anything like that from it, it was my account for official know, mailing the bank or confirming my tesco orders etc. Offical know the score.

So anyway it got so much I decided to leave it for 4 months to see how much SPAM got delivered. Within the first month it was packed to the rafters with spam so I just left it full for the remaining 3 months hoping that the spammers would give up on the address cuz it wasn't successful and they must get undelierable reports coming back all the time. So I went in and cleared out 600 of the 900 spam messages and within two weeks my account is full again! Poo!! 600 spams in two weeks!! eek

If there are any spammers reading this you're scum IMHO. Go get a real job and stop using bots to do your work for you and hassling us normal people who actually have a life all day every day. We don't want enlargement pumps or viagra or heart monitors or info about ourselves or pills without perscriptions or buying stuff in bulk or special mortgage rates or buying diplomas or starting a new life or making HUGE profits on eBay or any other crap. If I really need anything the internet is big and fast enough for me to find it myself from almost any country in the world. Go get a life...there really is a world out there.

Thank you, the RANT is replies necessary but post at long as it aint spam!! mad

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Posted:What makes me laugh is that the SAME spammers that send me the breast enlagement ads are ALSO sending me penis enlargement ads!?! confused mad ubblol

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