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Posted:For those of you who are quite confident with isolations -

A characteristic of isolations that many people play with but dont do conciously:
When playing an isolated Figure 8 most people play with the hand (not the Poi-Head) leading to the other side.This is easier and bears better control of the isolation. But you can also play with the Poi-Head leading the isolation - and the hand following !
They may not look very different from each other, but the underlying motion is quite different.
When you understand to differenciate, 5 beat isolation become loads easier (but still are veryvery difficult)

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Posted:man two years ago is sooo four years ago...

no, hold on... confused

anyone else feeling old? wink

seriously though, after about 2 years of thinking about how cool it would be to spin everything isolated, it pretty much works now.

the possible applications of andy's 'hybrid move' still blows my mind ubbloco

cole. x

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Snakes are close to full izolations. In the initioal position
of snake you get form straight arm circle, you continue with
the arm straight so the Poi head stops touching your shoulder
(contact point) and the hand continue with front wall plane

I found that if you start full izolation fron backward snake
initial position BTB, te Poi tale and Poi head both touch
rather lay on the shoulder so it makes is easier to
protect the head to fall.

The critical momentum fact make it very fast, so be
carefull wih your own head, especially with full
izolation from backward snake.







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Posted:Hi, I have at least finished to edit the text I wrote last September about the concept of "implicits isolations" biggrin and here is the translation in english :

>> <<

You'll find thory about classical and implicit isolations mostly for contact ball and palm spinning, but also a very good Video with Pich performance on acrylic balls in antispin.

Hope you wont be to affected by the spiritual approch of some concept but I'm not that good at math wink this are just some thoughts, feelings and ideas, hope you'll like it smile

This more, for those who didn't read it yet, the basic theory of antispin for Staff and Poi :

>> <<

hope the format .doc is ok for you smile

>> all is full of love <<


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Posted:Imakokode-- thanks for posting those. I got a lot out of the Planets in the Hands one (the metaphor I always thought of was particles-->atoms-->molecules) especially since I've just begun the journey of multiball contact. Though this is posted in the poi forum, it was my cj practice that this essay was most useful for. Merci!

Oh and I appreciated the spiritual approach to the concepts, myself. These art forms to me are part of the weird intersection of physics and metaphysics there seems to be more of these days.

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Posted:What do inversions look like??? I've finally at least begun to catch up to you lot with isolations (still need to play around lots with those but hey at least i can do them now way-hey!!).... but inversions? snakes? anyone got videos of these so i can see what you're talking about??

love and light,


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