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Clubbles Jugs
Location: Manchester
Member Since: 18th Feb 2004
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Posted:I was going enter this on the end of the poi as viewed by other object manipulators but I thought that it just about deserved a thread of its own.

I am a juggler who just decided (about two days ago) to start doing more poi, I heard it should help with my juggling. I go to a spinning workshop in London and I am surprised that poi and staff spinners dont complain that my juggling balls constantly run under their feet and across their pattern. My question is how is juggling viewed by staff and poi spinners Im not interested in what is harder to learn or master, but (some) jugglers seem to get annoyed about the amount of space taken up by poi and staff and I was wondering if poi and staff users get annoyed with jugglers balls/clubs running through their patterns, or if anything else annoys them about jugglers.


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Mand's Girl....and The Not So Shy One
Location: Calgary, Alberta Canada
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2002
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Posted:Perhaps it's just the part of the world I'm in, but I don't see many jugglers. Most folks I know who do object manipulation are poi or staff folks.

I've recently begun to learn juggling, and am like...WAY beginner.

Over here in the states, at least in Texas, though, jugglers and poi folk don't seem to run in the same circles....at least not as much as they seem to in the UK.

I have a feeling that will change, though. I *have* seen more jugglers about town, at events and what not, but I've also seen more folks spinning about town...folks who don't usually hang out with the circle of folk I tend to hang out with.

OK...I've rambled FAR too long and haven't really added to this conversation, have I? What I was getting at is that in the US, in Texas, at least, jugglers run in different circles. I find juggling very cool, and relaxing, in many ways..just as I do poi.


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Liquid Cow
Location: High Wycombe, England
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2001
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I learnt to juggle long before I started spinning poi but only got as far as the three ball cascade.

I've since been picking up a few more juggling bits and pieces at the spinning meets in London. In fact, this very day I invested in four 70mm acrylics biggrin

As to spinners in London not caring about juggling balls rolling all over the place, I think that's just because it's happened to them all so often they're just used to it wink
Maybe spinners in areas where juggling isn't so widespread amongst the spinners would get more annoyed at having to avoid wayward juggling balls?

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.


slack rating - 9.5
Location: Suburbiton, Yoo-Kay
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2003
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Posted:i luurvv juggling... ubblove

learnt it at the same time as poi and so the two have always gone hand in hand for me. for a while it looked as if poi was pulling ahead as i'd practice more moves to translate to fire but since i've got a set of aerotech globalls my desire to juggle has been greatly re-fuelled! i'm looking forward to breaking my clubs out again this summer when it's warm enough for my hands to work properly outside... biggrin

i'd agree with coleman that btb stuff helps a lot with backcrosses, but agin i'm waiting for the summer to master those cos i keep smashing stuff in my room!

psycho- sounds great mate, if you ever make it down the fields i'll find you a lampost to demonstrate on! ubblol

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big and good and broken
Location: lunn dunn, yoo kay
Member Since: 29th Aug 2002
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have you seen 'thomas dietz video #7'?


skip right to the end for a great example of 'extreme juggling' eek

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Clubbles Jugs
Location: Manchester
Member Since: 18th Feb 2004
Total posts: 1687
Yes did see the end of vid seven, altho i think Simian doing three balls might have topped it.

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Location: In Ger Land
Member Since: 2nd Mar 2002
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I am a poi spinner

I mainly view juggling from behind ubbrollsmile

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Simon Twist
Location: London, England
Member Since: 11th Mar 2004
Total posts: 29
Posted:I find that I do staff mostly in the Summer and juggle in the Winter. Its a space / cold weather thing - I can do balls in the house but I have to go outside to do staff. Surely ocmbinign the two would be baseball? As I have never been bothered by implements rolling my way it gives me an opportunity to be nice and hand them back. As a juggler it can be frustrating when your working on that really hard trick and your ball has just gone miles for the 18th time, so having people hand them back is really rather nice. Even if it may tempt some people to take their staff in two hands, shout "FOUR" and give it a good hefty thwack!
I have noticed that people are less impressed when my staff occasionally goes winging past their head at high speed. biggrin

dR pSYcHo
dR pSYcHo

Location: Nottingham (UK)
Member Since: 18th May 2003
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Posted:Just discovered how useful the kick ups i use for juggling can be transferred to staff so you drop it horizontally and using either the inside or outside foot get it spinning up in an arc... True there are several dents in ceiling after trying this but muchos potential me feels...

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spiny norman
Location: Cincinnati,damn it
Member Since: 24th Feb 2004
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Posted:with juggling the thing that hits you is the skill and concentration needed to be able to do it, you have respect for the performer, with poi its more the movement and flow, you just kind of become fascinated/ entranced by it, as for balls interupting patterns, not unless they are bouncing, i tried to learn to juggle once, instead i spent all my time chasing after balls, picking them up and droping hem again, very frustrated, hence the appeal of poi, >>>>peace

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