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Posted:Impossible ?
Everything is possible !
And if you think isolations are difficult !?! - Keeping these constant is a real hassle.

Spin a one-handed Butterfly quite slow and move your hand up and down opposite to the poi (If the Poi go up move your hand down and vice versa).
This way the Poi swing in an elliptical pattern.


PS: For the hardcore spinners - try to isolate (in the traditional way) only one Poi in a one handed butterfly. The hand is describing a circle, isolating one Poi and trying to keep control of the other ubbloco. I bet you will do some accidental One-Handed TTNs this way !

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Posted:As twisted as ever Andreas cool

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.


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Posted:agreed, but im on this, nice one PoiboX beerchug

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