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Posted:Hi folks. I am looking for a great pair of boots that are stylish and comfortable... Meant for dancing all night and maybe all day too.... I read an older post about Swear Shoes that looked pretty cool, but if anyone else has a great shoe or boot they'd suggest, please post 'em here!!! Thanks a ton!!! I imagine I'm not the only one who would like to find a perfect boot, so hopefully this can serve as a resource for many!! beerchug

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Posted:Swear shoes look great but apparently are a bit heavy when dancing all night... I don't wear them and am tall enough... lil shoes for me... there's always the furry leg warmers that you can get and fur them out over your shoes or just buy totally furry boots
It's the only pic I can find... sorry!!!

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Posted:I got a pair of Swear shoes but from a ocuple years ago and I think they've gone all stompy massive soles now. Mine are small, lightweight and were very comfy for a while but I'd never buy another pair cuz the build quality didn't match the price they charge in both stitching and materials.

Cheap shoes sold in expensive boxes as my Gran would say!!

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Posted:umm well my dancing boots look like the ones in the middle of the top row on this site.. faith

but here are some others


funke feet

good luck hug ... and jiust my five cents but i reckon flat ones are bestest biggrin biggrin

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