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Posted:Two summers ago my stepmum died of cancer. I've never been able to find a way to proplerly honour the life of this amazing woman. I don't even need to go in to the details, i know you'll believe me, she was amazing.

anyway, last week my Dad told me a story about her and this is it;

Maria used to chat to people, anyone, people were just drawn to her and i never met a single person who didn't love her straightaway. She was a natural mother and one of the most graceful people i have ever met in both looks and ways.

One day she was talking to a guy while standing at a pelican crossing, and he showed her a cide, like morse code - it was a way of pressing the button so the lights would automatically go green straightaway. I guess kind of like cheats that computer programmers use to test all the levels on a new game. She used to use it on the way to school, but only if she was in a hurry (she was too nice to inconvenience the car drivers!). Noone ever asked her what the code was - it was just a quirky Maria thing - she had lots of those.

Well anyway, like i said she died two summers ago, and took the secret of the pelican crossing code with her. It wasn't a big secret, and if she'd told us then it wouldn't be a secret at all. But now it's a special thing that noone can ever take away from her. Whenever i'm about to cross the road now and i'm in a hurry i stop and think about Maria.

It sounds like a weird way to remember someone i loved, but she was so full of fascianting bits of information, and such an innocent, friendly and hugely intelligent woman, that it somehow seems fitting.

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Posted:that's a beautiful story....the kind that leaves you with this slight pensive smile smile

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Posted:I've heard about the code, but I don't know it (not for lack of trying!) I'm not going to try and find out what it is now; as you say, it's a secret - if I'm meant to know, I'll be told smile

Thank you for sharing that with us. hug

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Posted:Yeah i've heard of that code too! And i agree if it's meant to be secret then... ubbangel

It was a lovely story hug

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Posted:I've never heard of the code!!! It's no longer as secret as it was to me!!! Hehe... I like waiting anyway wink

hug smile

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