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Posted:i know its a strange subject but we have had public transport in britian for about a hundred years now most proberly longer, so why are we spending so much on it (e.g over 5 on a ticket to get across london and 110 on a ticket to get from Doncaster to plymouth) when we know that most of the time the trains going to be late, and expecially london underground when we get squashed on to a train like a tin of tuna. So why have we not got it right yet? now i have been to six european countries and they have got their systems sorted out, even kosova have got a better transport system then us and they have been through a war in the last 10 years so why have all the prices of the tickets increased in the uk but the service is getting worse? confused


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Posted:*bump*, because I just found this incredibly good flash animation, which will bring joy and laughter to any commuter:
but should not be viewed by under 18s or those of a religious disposition



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Posted:Flid - that was amazing!

So true aswell! ubblol

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Posted:My housemate played that for me the other night, and I nearly pissed myself!

Found myself humming it on the tube the next day...

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Wonder Monkey

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Posted:Excellent ubblol

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