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Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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Posted:I made a new year's resolution to drink more tea and tonight I am making good on my promise. I am drinking a large mug of herbal tea.

What I love about tea is the civility of the occasion. Yes, tea is an occasion. Whether it has caffeine or not, the act of preparing a cup of tea, boiling the water, finding the teabag, and waiting for it to brew are a ritual in patience. It's a simple procedure that allows me to meditate on a subject when I want to, or clear my thoughts and just watch the water boil.

The Japanese (and the English) have developed elaborate ceremonies aroudn this wonderful beverage. Tea is a break in the day to both cultures. It is a time to stop, sit back, savor life, reflect on the day, and then proceed, calmed and refreshed.

Drinking tea is another exercise in patience and calm. The tea comes boiling hot, and the wait for it to cool invites other activities, like reading, thinking, studying, listening to music, or...posting on HOP. Rather than gulping it down in the same way that I tend to rush through the rest of my life, the heat of a cup of tea acts as a governor. I can drink no more quickly than I tolerate the heat.

And so I sit.

And sip.

And savor.

My cup of hot tea.


-Mike )'(
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sumthin sumin smmnm....
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Posted:maybe its just me, maybe it's my canadian culture, but i just don't see the greatness of tea. coffe, on the other hand, it is the best thing ever discovered. but i seem to be alone in this admiration of the java goods; i have been in this country for an entire month and have found as of yet ONE place to get filter coffee, and that was at a church. what the hell? everywhere you go, it's all this cappuchino and espresso goods, which don't get me wrong, are plenty fine, but once in a while i'd like to have a nice, decent cup of real brewed coffee. tea you can carry in a bag, but coffee-making is an art that this half of the world seems yet to have mastered.


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Posted:I thought i'd bump this dusty old thread before the falmouth thread turns into a tea discussion and i just wanted to say
Earl gray is yucky yucky biggrin

My parents used to shout at me when i was a kid because i didn't like tea....they used to drink earl gray so i never discovered the delights of nice tea till i left home! No wonder i never liked it when i lived with them eugh

Has anyone tried that new Twinnings every day tea that's been advertised recently? is it nice? How can a tea be an 'every day' tea?? Surely it depends on the day?!

I love a good cup od english breakfast tea myself mmmmmmmm

i'm rambling....about tea.....its been a long boring day! ubbloco


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Posted:all tea is good, no matter if its weird hippy nonsense tea with bits of petals and twigs floating around in it or earl grey with no milk or a nice cup of ordinary tea with milk and no sugar. ill drink it all, my favourite is probably the latter for everyday use or a nice cup of chai if it suits the occasion. psychadelic tea with wine is good too. so its all good. except possibly earl grey, which i will drink but not without grumbling and calling it the work of the devil. rolleyes i also have some problems with putting skimmed milk ( confused ) in my tea smile

edit: i just noticed i allready posted my thoughts about tea in this thread when it was new smile this is what i wrote then.

Written by: oli

oooo a tea thread *claps hands* biggrin

coffe is for when you cant be faffed for tea.

tea is so good. just a straight foreward cup of (as my mum would say) 'builders tea'.

that beats any arty farty earl grey tea or green tea, or any of that non sense any day. tea to me should be deffinetly be that brown colour. you can tell how good it is by its colour. too brown and you can almost feel it turning your insides tea coloured, but too white, and you put too much milk in or the tea was made about 3 hours earlier.

put the milk in first, this enables a good easy mix, it also warms up a bit. (while you are waiting for kettle) meaning it cools the hot water down less. the tea pot should be heated up with boiling water first to ensure a hot cup. one spoon of tea leaves in the pot for every person plus one for the pot/


seems im thinking a bit differently these days... shrug

EDITED_BY: oli (1117659378)

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Posted:Written by: Dunc

and I don't think there's a coffee thread yet wink

thats because tea is far superior to coffee biggrin

Written by:
Earl gray is yucky yucky

It's all lies I tell you!! Earl grey is the only tea!

Livin' on dreams and custard creams




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Posted:Hmmm tea lovely! My favourite is Rose Pouchong, it's like normal tea but with a slight hint of rose, and it's just gorgeous!

Yesterday I was woken up by someone handing me a cup of tea, which never happens, and it was soooo soooo nice!

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Posted:Any tea will do smile Right now I have a lovely cup of tea bought to me by Phil.. my friendly Plymouth Uni Student biggrin


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the henna lady
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Posted:Ooooohhh I love tea. Now that it is summer here, I am loving iced tea season already.
All kinds...except green tea straight up. I need to have it mixed with fruit juice, preferably plum. Then again, I really enjoy mixing fruit juice with tea instead of using sugar. Very tastey.

Right now one of my favorites is Chinese White with a pear slice in it. Hmmmmm...great with breakfast.

I also love Morroccan Roobios (sp?? Red tea) with vanilla bean...sooo soothing for night time enjoyment.

Blueberry, hot or cold is wonderful..add a sprig of fresh mint for an extra soothing kick.
I love fruit teas actually.

Or a gentle black tea with honey, almond, vanilla and a splash of milk...decadent dessert tea.

Nothing beats a sore throat like Honey and Lemon tea to be sure.

And chocolate is lovely as well, especially fresh in from playing in the snow.
Or a hot mulled cider, with just a touch of each cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and orange peel.

But right now it is just too damn hot-humid for them!
Though I admit I have tea in the morning, iced coffee at noon and tea at night.

Anyone cook with tea?

And I think Mike is right about tradition. Russia also has some very lovely traditions surrounding much so they created thier own brewing apparatus. Japan has great traditions as well.

Hmmm..time for some tea.

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Posted:*puts up hand*

when dose mulled wine become tea?

Me train running low on soul coal
They push+pull tactics are driving me loco
They shouldn't do that no no no


Adya Miriyana
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Adya Miriyana

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Posted:excellent! a tea thread!

*settles right in*

Green tea, japanese, all the way. Loose leaf of course.

*sips* Really, I've just made a pot.

mmmmm. smile




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sounds like a great idea

*wanders off to find a kettle*

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Posted:mmmmmmm.....tea. i've been swilling chai all day, it gives
me such a lovely comtent feeling that everythings going
quite alright smile i have it in my special cup that i got when
i was about 5, the cup gives me a bittersweet feeling,
because there's a picture of a teddybear holding some
baloons, but on the other side it shows the baloons flying used to make me so sad that that teddy lost his
baloons. hmmm i think i've gone off track.

i love peppermint tea that's just fresh mint leaves from the
garden and boiled water. and i gotta say, earl grey puts a
smile on my face.

*goes to fill her teddy bear cup with more chai*


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