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Posted:WHEN: Friday 6th of February, starting at about 10:00pm.

drums/percussion, firesticks/pois, warm clothes (it can get pretty windy up there), beer etc, candles/lanterns (if you've got some handy) and friends.

The Stone Circle is on the cliff point just south of Bondi Beach (between Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach). If standing on Bondi beach looking south towards Bronte you will see a cliff - the circle is on the edge of it, protruding over the ocean. You will see a big park up there (Marks Park) - its where you see people flying kites during the day.

To get there by public transport the 380 bus from Bondi Junction is the easiest way - get off on Fletcher St (one stop after the stop on Denham St, when bus turns off Bondi Rd) and walk to the end of Fletcher street (in the same direction as the bus was going) until you reach the park and walk across the park towards the ocean - you'll see the circle when you reach the other side of the park.

If walking from Bondi Beach, walk south up Campbell Parade and then turn left into Sandridge Rd and then take the first left into Fletcher St and you'll get to the park. If you're adventurous take the walkway that goes along the cliffs from Bondi Beach, that starts behind Bondi Icebergs. If you dont know where that is, probably best to follow the road...

If you arrive early, please head down to the Stone Circle and dont set up drums in the park itself, as the sound from there carries right up the street.

see you there!
Boris and Saul

PS If it gets very windy, we will be under the rock overhang about 30m south of the stone circle or down the steps to the north of the circle, depending on wind direction etc.

pps this is not my even but am posting it for boris and saul hope to see you all there that can make it as i know a few out of towners wil bei in sydney this weekend for some little parade in some little street

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