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Location: Florence, Italy
Member Since: 17th Jan 2004
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Posted:Have you ever played with your poi hearing (and dancing on) a djembe (percussion) music backgorund?
I need help to produce a percussions session.
I'm lookin' for someone who could take a look at my work (djembe) and tell me if it fits well with your art (poi).
I mean: I'm starting recording in a week,maybe two. When I have recorded the first 2 or 3 samples I will surely need somone,possibly with a fast internet connection,ready to receive mp3 files from me,listen at my work and tell me if it's good to dance on while doing poi.
Did you understand what I mean??
Please contact me if you are interested in this project.
Thank you so much.
I'm leaving now,see you soon.

PS: I just speak a little english... Did you notice it?

PPS: to the administrator: I hope I'm posting this message in the right directory. If I'm not,you are free to move this post to the right directory of course. Thanx.

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
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Posted:Yeah, at my college co-op, we had some amazing drummers (one of them an olympic runner, too) who would drum while we spun.

Not even the best trance can compete with a good live drummer.

-Mike )'(
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False Eyelash
Location: New York City
Member Since: 27th Dec 2003
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Posted:I'd like to hear your drumming.

And no I couldn't tell you don't speak English. tongue

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Location: nottingham, england. cornwall ...
Member Since: 28th Aug 2003
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Posted:yes live drumming is good. there was this thing in nottigham called one big day out or something.
anyway there were two live drummers and a live dj as well .
couldnt resist a bit of poi yknow. actualy had to run to the shop to buy some to do poi with as i didnt have any on me. it was really nice to poi to . the regualar and irregular beats link your tricks together for you and give you inspiration on how to move.
im a big fan of poi to music anyway and i like el nino which is sort of harsh metally music with a south american samba type beat thrown in.
my housemate kez does bongos and in the summer you can to poi to a bongo beat or bongos to a poi beat.
id be interested to hear. if i find a way its possible ill let you know.

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Location: The Middle lands
Member Since: 19th Aug 2003
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Posted:Hello. It sounds like a good idea to me....and I have a fast connection too!! When the tracks are ready feel free to email me and I'll have a go at spinning to them.

Sounds like fun! biggrin

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Location: Suburbiton, Yoo-Kay
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2003
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Posted:yeah man.. i pretty much learnt poi to the sounds of djenbe in france!!! biggrin you can get a really good interaction going between the drummer(s) and the poi-ist(s) as rythms progress and change...

smit, when it gets warmer i'm planning on getting some drummers down to the fields with us to while away the summer evenings, it creates an awesome atmosphere!!

... ah... summer.....mmmmmm..... hug

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Location: Galveston, TX
Member Since: 9th Sep 2001
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Posted:I'd love to help out as well. Spinning to drums is awesome weavesmiley


Location: Florence, Italy
Member Since: 17th Jan 2004
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Posted:biggrin So many thanx to all of you!
Great community...great people.
When I'm ready I'll contact you all and send you the files.
If I misunderstand anyone of you and you do not want to receive my stuff...just warn me and you won't be bugged.
Thank you once more.


...just find that child,
it's hiding in you.

Location: London/ Surrey
Member Since: 15th May 2003
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Posted:I'd like to listen please smile

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