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Posted:ok, today i found out that a girl in my year gave birth to her baby during the week. i knew she was pregnant, it was just a shock like oh, she actually has a baby now. it got me thinking. what if I had a baby now? it would totally screw my life up. she's 14 now so when shes 20 he'll be what, 6?
my friends have been discussing whether they would keep it or abort it, and we all know that none of us would be stupid enough to put ourselfs in that situation in the first place, but i seriously don't know what i would do. from the male point of view, a friend said he would ask the girl to have an abortion, but if she said no he would support anyway he could which i thought was quite admirable.
for certain the father is not with her now and propably won't support her at all. and wots worse i know that there are 5 other girls pregnant in the school as well. one even in year 9 eek . i mean come on its not hard, condoms are free at clinics, and in this day and age you can hardly say you didn't know what you were doing. theres no excuse (par the odd one)
have you got any views on this? or have you known anybody who has been in this situation? its just makes me feel like 'woah' yeh silly i no but i got no other way to describe it......sorry bout spelling and tired and sick rolleyes

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