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Posted:I've been practicing quite alot lately, and my joints all feel fine. A little soreness from the muscles that aren't used to working that hard, but other than that, I'm fine...


Yesterday I noticed my hands being kinda tingly, like some kind of nerve twinge or something. Didn't hurt at all, but it stuck with me for several hours, I would estimate 5 to 6 hours before it subsided.

This got me to thinking, isn't Carpel Tunnel Syndrome caused by the carpel tunnel in the wrist messing with the nerves that travel through it? We've all seen the people with computer jobs wearing those braces on their hands because they have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from the repetitive motion of typing. Have I given myself Carpel Tunnel Syndrome spinning poi?!

Anyone have a similar experience? Or has anyone here been diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome? Or know of a twirler that has it?

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