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please tell me, I'm gonna perdorm at birthdays with my friends (1 of them is a DJ) and I need some songs.

please give me some good songs weavesmiley

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not last night, but the night before.
in the garden, warm evening, no shirt, light rain, and white globalls in nets.
i put me ipod on shuffle and it gave me this:

dj shadow 'what does your soul look like - part 2'
bel biv devoe 'poison'
double dee & steinski's lesson 2


cole. x

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magic people voodoo people!!!

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hybrid, wide angle

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I spun to born to be wild by steppenwolf the other day...

wasn't that bad, surprisingly...

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twofingerfreedomBRONZE Member
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today i spun to some mazza-lunchbox(awesome song!!)

but i normaly spin to sublime or any dub i can get hold of.......but thats only when i spin @ home when im out & about, my fellow spinner matt normally carries his i-pod-mc-dougal with him & hes got anything from big band jazz to ac/dc

as long as its got a good up tempo beat & isnt repetative ill enjoy spinning to it!

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when i spin at school dances we use a tune known as zombie nation this is common at many sporting events there is one other known as "blood is pumping" which is certifiably insane i love the song but i dont think they'll have it so ask for zombie nation is a fairly common tune and a good song to spin to

CytronixSILVER Member
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Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood


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I've been spinning to the new Tool and Placebo albums for the past few days. Its amazing how my style of spinning changed depending on the music I have on.

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Neon_ShaolinGOLD Member
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After a year I still love Patrick Wolf's 'Lycanthropy' album...
Songs like 'Bloodbeat', 'To The Lighthouse' and 'A Boy Like Me'

Folky ambient elemental electro. Has the beats as well as heart...

(Kinda a cross between Aphex Twin and Bright Eyes)

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I have an odd mixture of music I spin to.
Chemical Bros - Surrender has some great stuff
Ani DiFranco
Fiona Apple
Certain NIN songs (Starf**kers, Inc is a good one)
recently introduced to Infected Mushroom
I need to get some Safri Duo to listen to

I generally prefer music with nice tempo changes...

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esmokahSILVER Member
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my first burn was ott - smoked glass and chrome
shpongle, portishead, tool (esp. undertow!), kmfdm, good dj mixes, psytrance is the best tho!

A lot of music from the late 60s is wonderful to spin to
i like songs that use lyrics similar to what i'm doing (spin, fire, etc.)
anything that you can groove into is usually good. the more "out there" the song is the better your poi will spin

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my favorite artists have to be DJ Scribble, DJ Tiesto, DJ Irene, Benny Benassi, Aphex Twin, Carl Cox, DJ Fatcat (just the song called tutti fruitti. all the rest kinda suck..), DJ Jurgen (better off alone has to be the best song), DJ Sammy, DJ Zany, Global Deejays, Happy Hardcore, Infected Mushroom, Pauk Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyke, thats pretty much it... unless you like rock music... Rammstein and Slipknot have some fast rage beats for raving.

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for the last few weeks just this:

Non-Https Image Link


cole. x

"i see you at 'dis cafe.
i come to 'dis cafe quite a lot myself.
they do porridge."
- tim westwood

mausBRONZE Member
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 Written by: Suibom

Ani DiFranco

Love spiinning to Ani Difranco...that lady is a genius!!

JerryDSILVER Member
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Just found a new song that is fun to spin to:

"Rotary" by Apparat & Ellen Allien

Other than that, Meat Beat Manifesto has some great grooves. Just discovered Amon Tobin (sp?) last night at a spin, his stuff was great, too.

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SixthSILVER Member
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Massive Attack/ Paul Oakenfold/ Faithless....n e thing decent il give it a try

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zamiriiBRONZE Member
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last thing i was spinning to was puddle of mudd. usually it's whatever i'm in the mood for.

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IntruderBRONZE Member
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Daft Punk's Aerodynamic has me hooked at the moment. I just love the transitions in the song, they allow me to change moves within the musics rythmn smile

MuskelungeGOLD Member
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Maybe I'm crazy, but I got the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, and EVERYTHING on it is enourmously fun to spin to. And everyone recognizes the music.

Also, Darude's "Sandstorm" is pretty fun.

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K_DashBRONZE Member
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Best Music to Spin to

Drum & Bass and Jungle


Hip Hop


You know like

Will Miles ( jungle )

The Warp Brothers ( trance )

DJ Qbert ( hip-hop )

Rockell ( dance )

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Some of the Leftfield stuff is awsome - especially Afrika Shok.

Has any one tried Nightmares on wax? it smooths out your spinning no end! bit jazzy if ya know what i mean.
And for those "bad day at work, gonna really hurt myself" spins - Pendulum : Tarantula / Slam or try this - Bomfunk MC's : Uprocking beats (various remixes to it)

But generally i like to vary the style of music, it tends to make you get a bit creative.

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faith enfireBRONZE Member
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my ex has an ani difranco that is fun

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