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Posted:I was wondering what people's takes on this were?
People have fought for a democracy where it's free speech, free expression (including through dress, while still actually wearing clothes wink), the right to be informed etc and yet for example, the French ban headscarves, hell even a high school near me is fighting about a girl wearing a headscarf... do you think soon we won't be allowed to wear crosses?

It's starting to remind me of Hitler, the star of David and Nuremburg laws a little. That's not a direct comparison!!!

I was wondering what people make of it?? I'm a wee bit confused at how people can do this when they fought for democracy? I know it has many problems and all but not like this??

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Posted:i don't think the French laws are really out of line, though i dunno whether it's a good idea or not.

As far as i'm aware the wearing the hijab isn't intrinsic to any beliefs, and family pressure aside it is a matter of choice for the girl.

There's plenty of other things i couldn't wear at school, and i never compared my school to the Third Reich. Well, i did. Quite often actually. But generally for unrelated reasons.

i was under the impression the ban also takes in christian and jewish symbols (like crosses or skullcaps). It's not intolerance of religion, but simply keeping it seperate from secular state education.

i'm not sure if its a good idea that will have more positive effects than negative.

but i like that there's some bucking of the trend of increasingly cowlike political correctness in the face of religious fundamentalism.

Respecting a religion or belief does not mean doing everything that they want.

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Posted:in some ways i completely agrre with that.

i always find it weird that religious tolerance goes so far in this country as to undermine the other people who live here, but if i went to india or something they would expect me to fit in with them, not flout my religion and expect them to do everyhting to stop me from being 'offended'. a bit silly really.

on the other hand, i would be pretty insulted if i chose to wear a cross or something and they told me to take it off, beause i honestly ccan't see how wearing a piece of jewellery that means something to someone can possibly hurt anyone, only in their mind.

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Posted:Aside from the clothing in school issue, this thread reminded me of a news report that said a survey found the U.K. to be the most secular society in the world. I for one am very happy about it too smile
I still wish it would be more secular though. I dont think there should be a religious element in morning assembly in school. When i was in school, only a few years ago now, they still prayed during every assembly, and you felt obliged to bow your head and close your eyes (especially when you're younger and more likely to go along with it). As i got older i decided not to, as i had never believed it.

Also it is a religious rule that says sunday is special in some way, and that is reflected in law, stopping shops from opening for more than 6 hours (maybe not all shops but certainly big supermarkets still open at 10 and close at 4pm). I dont think its fair that the beliefs of some people affect me in this way - preventing me from going to shops that would otherwise be open longer on that day.
Having said that I'm happy for xmas day and boxing day to be holidays smile


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