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bastard child of satan
Location: Raanana, Israel
Member Since: 12th Jan 2004
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Posted:are there any? if there are, please tell me where and when (exact location...)
if there aren't, try setting one up and tell me where and when... weavesmiley


Location: nottingham
Member Since: 16th Jan 2004
Total posts: 62
Posted:im sure that there will be some over July & aug i might be abroad but i will be definitly comming back in august as its my birthday, so i could host something then and probably Joe will be doing some as well during the summer

Owen wave

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big and good and broken
Location: lunn dunn, yoo kay
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Posted:theres a liitle one in france around that time methinks...

ejc 2004.

i think a couple of people from here might be going wink
check it out in this thread.

"i see you at 'dis cafe.
i come to 'dis cafe quite a lot myself.
they do porridge."
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