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Posted:The idea for this thread hit me a few days ago when i gave someone my first ever set of poi so they could learn and practice.

I dont know why i dont mind giving away my toys, to date i have given away one set of tails, one set of socks and lent someone another set of tails.

Glass gave me a fire staff once.

I know quite a few people that have given away toys to new people.

What im asking is why do we not mind giving up these toys.
Do you ever give toys away?

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Posted:I have given away a pair of poi made from tennis balls, and a practice staff, and made 2 pracitce staffs for 2 of the kids in my house as christmas presents, and am currently makeing a set of firepoi for my friend in New Zealand... ubblove

I love giving away toys to peole that I know will use and appreciate them. It's just something I do. I think it's the party-kid mindset that we all seem to have...



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You're awesome Kinudin.
Wait till you see the new one.
Email me.
I'm not coming back online, sowwy tongue
And enjoy school tongue tongue

Keep your dream alive
Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....


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