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Posted: so in light of flynt's and my engagment **giggles** i thought i'd start this thread. we were brainstorming who we'd have in our wedding, and this is what we came up with so far....

Nx would be a bridesmaid

Valura would be our priestess

Seven would be our ring bearer if we could train him well

mech would be our page boy

Gidg would be our flower girl

Lightning would be an usher

flid would be our bouncer

and Spitfire would be our wedding planner

other positions are still open. applications are accepted via PM. ubblol

so who would you have in your wedding?

*please note, this is a joke. it's for fun. we are not trying to leave anyone out, it's just us being silly ubblol*

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Posted:probably a bit like a brisbane summer combined with a wellington summer, i'd say.
no idea about any HoPpers, though.
all quiet-like on that front here.

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