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Location: Key West, Florida, USA
Member Since: 24th Jan 2001
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Posted:Ok I have a situation here and I don't know what to do...

Basically, I am one of the few twirlers in this town and have a steady gig at a party once a week for over a year now. There is an older guy that also used to twirl just glow-sticks at the same party for years and then quit long before I started. When he heard I was doing it there, he showed up one week and started twirling again. Even though he knew a total of 5 moves, he looked alright. He came back and I was fine having him twirl w/ me, I am a nice person...months went by, we decided to alternate weeks since the boss said she could only pay one twirler...eventually he quit again--some controversy about money or something, and the party was mine again (fine for me, a struggling nursing student, while he is a successful buisness man). Anyhow a month ago, he tried to steal my total gig away from me behind my back by going to the new boss and saying he was twirling there for years and he is the head of it all!!! I think he actually believes he invented twirling glow-sticks!!!
Long story short...the other boss told him they would rather have me!
Now, a few weeks ago, a local TV guy saw me and my husband twirling at that party and he wanted to film us for Channel 5. We said ok and he called us and asked if the certain guy could do it with us because he heard that he was the head of it all and was the leader of our group!! I said that I didn't feel comfortable with that since he had no part in teaching me, actually, he was pretty good at stealing my moves!!!
So today, he goes up to my friend whom I have taught to twirl and askes if she wants to twirl with him for Channel 5 to promote his stupid group with an increadible stupid name!!
She was shocked and I don't know what to do, I think he said that knowing she would tell me and show me he is the man with the connections on this island. We had already got filmed plaing fire and glow sticks on the beach and I feel sick that it will all be connected with this backstabber.
Twirling politics...it's a bitch!!

Hope no one is having the trouble I am having...Any sugesstions??

Peace out,

Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Member Since: 8th Mar 2001
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Posted:yup... my suggestion is to ignore it all... um its really not worth getting worked up over, or wasting energy over. That guy is probably loving the fact that he's getting you all riled up..

to me its all a big waste of energy and you should just be nice and polite to him and concentrate solely on what really *matters* ...

I've seen people play dirty before like that and in the end they are the ones that really hurt themselves. So let em be.. they'll work it out eventually when life kicks em in the butt.


The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.- B.B.King

Location: Key West, Florida, USA
Member Since: 24th Jan 2001
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Posted:Thanks Splat, you are right, I probably just had a moment!!

peace and love,


Froggie ... Ribbit !!!
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Just reading your post got all angry ...
These kind of people drive me up the wall. Lies, mnipulation, anger ... when you are in it as YOU are, or as i felt reading this, it sincerely makes us angry. Take a step back, knowing you have apparently done nothing wrong and can be proud of yourself and watch what he is doing, the energy he is waiting doing ... nothing interesting really... and feel how utterly ridiculous it is.
Don't worry, and most of all : don't give him too much attention. Attention, power, that is what he wants. I agree that ignoring him is what you need to do.
And keep spinning and dancing and doing what makes you happy.

Shine on

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Posted:Do you believe in Karma?
It's all even in the end!
You'll be rewarded for your anguish, and he'll end up on Jerry Springer!
Have you noticed that all your sorrows are balanced by all your joys? that's proof enough to not worry about the emotionally weaker peoples out there. Smile! (sorry to sound like a frikin hippy but i been huggin trees most of easter )

My bet's that his Springer episode will be "Secret Admirers: My nappy-wearing midget stole my fire tricks!"

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Location: Key West, Florida, USA
Member Since: 24th Jan 2001
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Posted:You guys definatly are making me smile!!

Actually, I feel more like Jerry Seinfeld now making such a huge emotional day about such a stupid, insignificant situation concerning someone who doesn't give a damn about me anyway!!

Fuck, I helped deliver a baby a few days ago--how about that! I haven't even ingested that yet while I was soo consumed with my frustration...
Never again

Thanks for making me put things into perspective again.