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Ok i know a lot of people who have phobia's but i have never met someone with the same phobia as mine, and it's actually getting quite annoying and i would like some advice on how to overcome it.

So don't laugh - but i have a really wierd fear of silence. I always have to have music on or a TV on in the background. It started as a dislike to silence and it's now growing. I can't sleep unless there is noise, and it can't even be a repetitive noise like a clock or things.

It is growing though, i feel physically sick and panic if there is silence - like when i walk into my flat after turning my walkman off and on the way to turn the radio on. I don't know why and it is really starting to get stupid.

Anyone else share a stupid phobia such as mine? Or have any ideas what to do about it? (Or even know if it has a name - like claustrophobia and such?)


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i've had several friends that had the same thing w/ touching their neck and all they would completely flip out! Anyway i have a few phobias myself my worst one probably being of dentists, don't laugh. i get so nervous about it that i think i'm about to faint when i'm there and by time i sit in the chair i'm so tired from being nervous that i have no energy and almost fall asleep while in the chair or doze off! eek i guess it's b/c i can't really see what they are doing and the bright lights and metal things and yeah everything! i'm also afraid of spiders and heights but not as much. I also think i have alittle bit of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) it's not a phobia or anything but it's another quirk. though my room and be completely spattered w/ dirty clothes but if my rug or coasters aren't exactly were they should be (like straight and all) then i freak and have to fix it, yeah that's me and my weirdness. hug

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i have a few phobias two of which are rather common two of which arent

the first two are hieghts and spiders the heights issue isnt as bad as it used to be but the spider phobia is horrible heres an example : about a month ago i was staying at my grandmothers house and i was slepping in the living room. the only light on was the fish tank and that cast shadows on everything i was staring at the roof and i saw this thing. at the time i thawt it was a bloody mutational cockaroach so i picked up my torch and shone it at the roof . no [censored] this damn spider was about the size of me frigin forearm. i started screaming and crying hysterically. my gramma had to let me sleep in her room because the spider crawled under the couch and ther was no fuking way i was slepping in that living room.

anyways the other two arachibutyrophobia and golf buggies

arachibutyrophobia is fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. mine is sort of wierd cause its not the sticking to the roof of my mouth part of it, its the choking to death on it part. peanut butter is scary

the reason why im afraid of golf buggies is because a while ago when i was visting an island with some friends we hired out a buggy so we could drive everywhere. by the time we went to take it back we were all rather drunk anyways cutting a corner i suddenly flew out of the buggy knocking myself unconcious and injuryig me quite badly. neways the next day the doctor was driving me back home in his buggy and all of a sudden as soon as the buggy took off i started to panic i was on the edge of hyperventilation it was fuking scary i tell you ne ways this is prolly the longest post ive ever posted spank i apoligise and on the freaky fears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eek

we cant stop here its bat country!!!!!!!!!!!

Pink...?Pink...?BRONZE Member
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Unfortuantly Looper it's outside aswell as indoors. Thats why i go everywhere with my handy walkman.

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frostypawGreat balls of fire
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The fear of silence... can sometimes be not the fear of silence but of the noise that then turns up inside your head. i.e. thinking about things you don't want to think about - could be interesting to do that 5mins silence a day that fella suggested but always note down what you thought about when it was silent. might turn out to be an adjunct to depression or the like, i.e. you can ignore it save when there's nothing else going on and silence - then it's deafening.

just guessing/hypothesising tho so don't take it personally if i'm wrong!

it's not a stupid phobia tho. watch someone who's scared of birds trying to feed safely fenced off chicken. that's stupid smile well stupid looking, the phobia isn't.

i share the neck phobia and interest. i'm ok with people's hands, but a necklace or anything tight and i slowly start freaking out and end up ripping it off - and there's nothing like a nice strong neck to look at/touch! heh.


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*Stomps foot*

Ms. Pink, nothing you do or say is stupid including whatever phobias or insecurities you may have. You are a lovely person and I will not tolerate this self degregation of such a sweetie. tongue

BIG UP to Mr. NYC total respect for this comment! I was wondering whether someone had picked up on this! Big up big up!

smiles and hugs to all reading
drome biggrin


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I have to have sound too! but for me its different, cause i can sing to myself and be ok, which might be the reason im always singing nonstop. But when its not quite, as i noticed before i started typing, i was singing in my head, and i could hear it in my head so it didnt seem quite to me. Im also sorta obsesive compulsive i think. I have to have some things perfect, and sometimes i feel something wrong will happen if i dont tap the wall, or turn something over, but i have no cause to do it and i tell myself its just silly, but i still do it sometimes.

Not a phobia, or an order, but a lot of times i will read something on HOP, write up a really long reply and delete it and feel happy just saying what i said to myself.

N E ways

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i absolutely hate bananas(damn, i didnt spell that right did i) but me cousin has the most ridiculous one ive ever heard of, he is afraid of crumpled paper, my and my brother taunted him withstraw wrapers when we were there, its okay, he deserved it, hes the worst sort of only child ( no offense to only children, but you know what i mean) i love that the fear of long words is like 30 characters or something if any one is watching super milionair( or just has it on for the noise), the current contestent is shameing the intelligence(probaly spelled that one wrong too, wow thats really sad) of the people of the midwest, damn, regis philban is so annoying, i\this isent about phobias anymore is it? last word: if anyone wants to read an interesting book on obsessive compulsive, check out kissing doornobs, especialy if you think you have it, much luv

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*whispers*......there's a spider up there..... eek..Kit!dat was mean.......... ubblol

i don't mind little spiders but big,tree climbing ones give me the creeps....other phobias..?if i see one magpie i have to gawp at the sky till i see another one but thats more a superstition,you know,one for sorrow,two for joy.........

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Oh, Pink, it must be hard work being afraid of silence hug kiss
Maybe its like giving up smoking, impossible to fix until you really are ready to do it and get the tools you need to help.....
My fear is generally deep water, and specifically being inside a car which crashes into water. Think it stems from my Dad explaining to us when we were little kids what you should do if that happens, prolly never would have thought of it otherwise umm

I said perhaps, and thats FINAL.

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I feel really itchy now, all this talk of spiders... *scratch scratch*

I am not alone in my fear of buttons! Woo!!!! hug

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I have a phobia of cracking plastic bags on television.
I have more that are just as bizarre but this will just get embarrasing. redface

Poi... it's an obsession.

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I have a phobia of the sea.. the ocean.

Far too much water... I can't explain why it just freaks me out.

I have other strange phobia's.. but none that I'll go into on here!!

ju -x-

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ok slinky of you come camping we'll camp in the woods smile

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I have a phobia about spiders 2. But my main phobia is clowns. Hate them. I cant put my finger on why, i just have never liked them. They freak the hell out of me. I will never see the film IT, even if i was payed. tongue

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i'm scared of the dark which i guess isn't that uncommon, but it's better since i moved in with John last year... ubblove

John has a weird one- chairs with no one in them. He says they look like they're completely self sufficiant, like they're actually crouching there and they don't need a person, so they could be alive and thinking and stuff.

Weird, but a bit freaky.

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