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Posted:I just had to watch demolition man, lets say it is 'poor' hey we laughed alot but there were refernces to the weapons of mass destruction and the presidential schwarzenegger files... noooooooo....

conspiricy thearists......3 ..... 2...... 1 ..... GO!

argh it was scary! eek

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Posted:Personally, I liked it. Yeah, it was kinda goofy, and much of the humor was tongue in cheek, but it was fun AND dealt with some rather interesting topics.
The cryo-prison idea was actually conceived in the early 80's, when the technology was first being explored, and it certainly beats the death penalty. All the violent criminals being 'reprogrammed' into decent, productive citizens? Start with the politicians...
It also made bold statements about social status, placing people in one of two extreme groups. The well-behaved 'normal' people and the "Scraps.' One has to be reminded of H.G. Wells' Morlocks and Eloi parralell.
And as far as the 'President Schwarzenegger' reference, have you seen his latest idea about making reccent immigrants eligible for the presidency?
Plus it had Sandra Bullock, rrrrggggle ubblove 'nuff said...

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Plus it had Sandra Bullock, rrrrggggle ubblove 'nuff said...

Man sandra bullock does nothing for me... She always reminds me of the bitchy older sister i never had.

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