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Posted:Ok, I just showed a few of my friends my Poi for the first time, with the glowsticks on the end (I would have used fire, but It was not appropriate at the time) and people I didnt even know began coming up to me and asking for me to teach them some stuff. HOP I gave out some of your business cards so lots more members will be joining our community.

I started out teaching the first things that I learnt, the 3 beat weave. Im not sure if this is the best place to start as i had prior experience with staff to help with my form.
Some people got the technique after a bit of practice but a few just dont get it.

One girl started and instead of keeping her hands relatively close to her, she waves them around at full extension, (giant windmill style?) and instead of slowing down to get the motion down she insists on doing it as fast as she can.
She can do the figure of eight well, but only in one direction, and any time she tries for the opposite direction she hits herself and I think she gets discouraged. So now she does the figure of eight in one direction only, with very bad form, I think that now she has made a habit of doing it and wont be able to advance any further,

So any ideas on how to help her out? I told her to practice going in the opposite direction(opposite hand leading) and trying it with only one Poi at a time, but nothing has worked.

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Posted:If she's got her arms fully extended, it sounds like she's not using her wrists. I'd start by getting her to slow down and relax her wrists, so she can progress to other moves, with less pain involved too smile



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Posted:Sounds like you already know what shes doing wrong. Its just a matter of getting her to do what you tell her. Perform the move slowly with her watching closely. Then make her perform the arm movements without Poi in her hands. Once she has the basic concept of the move having 3 beats and how her arms need to be positioned let her try it with the Poi.

Also, if she was using something other than glowsticks (ie sock poi) that are heavier and harder to swing ultra fast it would probably do her some good too. For some reason, non-twirlers always tend to spin glowsticks at top speed.

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Posted:i agree with icon,..... get her to spin somthing like tennis balls in socks, and then she will learn!!

either she will hit her self, and it will hurt cause shes going 300 miles an hour, or she will get tired and have to slow down!!

i rekon people should use there wrists more in spinning.... it helps me alot.!! eek

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