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Posted:Ever notice how bad things happen in three's?
It gets overwhelming at times.
But then did you ever notice how these things give perspective and introspection?

So, to vent....

1) (almost) 5 weeks ago a friend of mine got his hand sucked into a paper mill and all four fingers were stripped of skin and muscle. He lost much mobility and his index finger. He is doing relatively well, but attributes that to morphine.

It got me to thinking about what I would do if I were laid up in a hospital for so long, with surgery after surgery and the only answer I have come up with is really....go nuts.

2) (almost) 4 weeks ago was the fire in my house. They still haven't got the damn thing done but I have to move back in tomorrow since my son's spring break is over and I have to teach classes starting next week.
I got alot of perspective on friends and on the importance of "things" in my life. Also, I now have a greater awareness of what could happen if something were to go wrong in a show of mine.

3) A week or so ago, and this one gets me, a fellow faire performer, mentor and overall phenominal woman was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer. In the scope of that, everything seems trivial, and when I look at the world through as close to her perspective as I can get, I really wonder if I have made a difference. And am really looking at things from a different perspective, a more go get 'em, it won't always be there, why not now but be responsible kind of perspective.

It has been an introspective time for me, and I am now coming out of it. TO all those I owe emails and such to, they are on their way....hopefully I will be caught up by the end of next week.

So what has impacted your perspective in life greatly?

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Posted:well, i see how bad things always happen in threes, but is ee how the good outweigh the bad by hapening inspurts of 5-10, at least thats what happens to me...just hangin there you'll see, you have much good fortune coming your way, as you can tell from all of the business adventures and performance oppurtunities that have arose lately in your life..or maybe im thinking of someone else, but ithought that it was you who as talking of doing a fire performance for marlboro, or was it camel, ahh i cant remember...*off toread old threads*

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Posted:life throws these things at you really fast sometimes, doesn't it? I have to think on this one before i answer, but i really hope things look up for you Pele!

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Posted:Pele, just wanted to say how sad I a to hear of all the things happening to you. I know you are strong and you shine so much but you just so deserve some quiet, peace, happiness, lightness and laughter, sweet one ...

hugs to you

shine on

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Posted:"Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stonger"
The only thing I can think of that has never killed anyone (there's not many after you read the darwin awards!) is smiling, and sure as anything it makes you stronger.
Can't smile now? Here's an inappropriate way to raise one. Next time you burp, try to spell it as though you have to write it. Share this game with your friends. Smiles garanteed. Some people play this game with farts, but that's just vulgar.

Lynnie, I just want you to know that you have the best support resource there is: friends. I meen it. You feel it because you care about people and outcomes, and the best thing you can have.
I hope you feel some goodness soon.




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Posted:I feel for you Pele. I'm on a similar run of shit luck at the moment. Here's the last 8 month's in a nut shell:

House broken in to and had $1200 stereo and a laptop stolen. (nothing else cause we don't own anything)
4 days later my girl writes off our cheap car by running up the back of someone.
Buy a new car that the brakes and water pump need fixing 1 month after buying it.
My girl is now 7 months pregnant (this is actually a fantastic -unplanned- thing ) and the "new" car has a leaking head gasket that rendered it undrivable last week. Can't shop,take my child out or respond to that intense comment "Oooooh! I think my water just broke!"
Try to get a loan to discover a default from 6 years ago (that has 6 months to be cleared from my record) will stop me from getting some cash to help fix the car quickly.
2 days ago my girl got food poisoning and had to go to hospital as they thought she was going in to early labour. She got sick an hour and a half before I was due to start work with no car to get her to hospital. We had to call in the favours from friends and family and I still had to get to work.

It sounds like you've gotten a something from your fire Pele (not to trivialise it at all), I'm trying to figure the moral of my dillemas out. Maybe it's don't own cars, get loans or have girlfriends just kidding

Sorry to hear about your bad stuff Pele. I think when these things happen it's good to remember to just smile and have faith that with some effort and positivity (is that even a word?) things WILL come around and things could be much, much worse. At least your little man and your big man are there with you AND you've got some cool gigs coming up


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Posted:Good wishes to you, I hope everything gets better. The only thing I can think to say is remember that things have to be bad before they can get better, It is only from the ashes that the phoenix rises

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Posted:I know what you mean with the bad in threes... although it does happen to me in more than threes really, usually about 10 bad things and then 4/5 good things. Tee hee that sounds kind of pessimistic... *waits for the lightning bolt*

I hope stuff picks up a bit for you and your mates Pele, I wish I could make that sound less shallow than it reads, but know I am sending good vibes your way.

Umm...off topic so I apologise, Kyrian this might sound a bit weird, but I had this dream the other night that someone was telling me about this black horse called "Kyrian". I don't really recall seeing your nick on here before, but then its funny how the subconscious remembers.

No crap. And I must admit I really don't read much HoP anymore (until today) and thus didn't know you liked horses?

I ride myself, and fire and horses are my ultimate passions and it just spun me out a bit with that last comment of yours.

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i don't know about three's pele, but i remember knowing about them.... noticing them, that is. I think i just sort of blurred the last three years of my life together (ouch, uh, hi three) and i can't remember really well most specific bad things. i still react badly to large amounts of stress... i guess that's human. I think ros and cantus and puppy will attest to that one. Things are much much better now- I think i belive in time healing a lot of things, and certainly the last nine months have been wonderful, if not completly healthy, i'm getting better! I have quite a few friends in the same boat, and one friend, plus a friend's significant other(and family), who are still in pretty bad situations. We tend to be "group therapy" for each other, and the ones who have been out of the dregs the longest tend to be sort of the mothers and fathers of the group (mostly.) It's a good thing... and venting is a good thing, i can't speak for everyone else but i know i am always here to listen pele! Anyhow, as i said earlier, hope things look up!

btw, splat, that is odd, and what's even odder is someone recently "pointed me twoards australia...." check ur email....

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Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....