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Member Since: 31st Oct 2003
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Posted:i managed to learn the corkscrew, chasing the sun and 4 beat weave, all in 10 mins!! i STILL CANT learn the 3 beat weave >.<, goddess! Any tips on starting a routine?
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Posted:What's a four beat weave? confused confused confused

Congrats though!

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Posted:you got the four beat but the not the three??? that's bizarre! ubblol but congrats!!!

i'm still perfecting my 4-beat, it's still a tad rusty

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Posted:if you got 4 then it's dead easy to get to 5's!! And 5's are as easy as three's so you won't be far away!

*yey cheers for the weave tastic new move learning ness*

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Posted:well done biggrin I member when i learnt the corkscrew i was jumping round the garden for ages ubblol try doing the corkscrew in reverse. its feels really strage.....or maybe thats just me...

ive just got the 5 beat and have no idea what the 4 beat is confused

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try doing the corkscrew in reverse. its feels really strage.....or maybe thats just me...

i went away and tried that out!! and wow, i can now remember why i had bruises, it hurts like hell.. i couldnt do the reverse (for Me) corkscrew, for about an hour, and then it clicked.. so thankyou all, without this thread i would never have realised that i couldnt do it....

so i am now going out there to learn all my moves again, but backwards!!

does anyone have any padding that i can borrow, cause i sence this is going to hurt, and take a long time!!

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Location: Bristol
Member Since: 24th Jul 2003
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ive just got the 5 beat and have no idea what the 4 beat is confused

a 4bt is when you do the 5bt motion on one side and then the 3bt on the other - so if you can do a 4bt both ways round then in theory you can do both the 3bt (weavesmiley) and 5bt as well.

I know this sounds like jibberish but i don't know how else to explain it. Do a search tongue

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Location: middle of Troon
Member Since: 22nd Jan 2004
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Posted:yeahi dont get how the beats work i *think* im doing the 4bt

i got the chase, then weave, then weave-with-extra-bit-on-one-side so yeah thats 4bt?

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Posted:im just to dam thick to learn anything new,


i would have liked to have tought sim the 3bt doubles staff weave, but never got chace to , then he went and learnt it himslef! grrr MEN! sorry i mean MONKEYS!

oh how can i be mad at him hug

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Posted:Yes. thats right.

Although it feels like the extra bit is only on one side in 4 beat, its actually on both.

cos it extra-twists on one side, and extra-untwists the other

whereas the 5 beat extra-twists and extra-untwists on both sides.

That confused me for a very long time...

Like most theoretical knowledge, that's totally irrelevant to actually learning the move, and will probably just make it harder to learn. So i probably should have kept my mouth shut ubbangel

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Tao Star
Tao Star

Location: Bristol
Member Since: 30th May 2003
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so i am now going out there to learn all my moves again, but backwards!!

good plan, you've probably all experienced this, but cos i tought myself and didn't know any poi people at all for like the first 2 years i didn't realise you shouild learn everything backwards. rolleyes

i then had to spend about 6 months re-learning every trick i could already do. Very frustrating!! mad

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Staff Man
Staff Man

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Posted:Doing the three beat is easy when u know the motion:

1. From doing a normal weave on the right hand side take a look at which poi goes over to the left first.

2.Now keep that one on the right for an extra spin and bring up the left hand

3. Repeat on the right

I have no idea how you can do the four beat but not the 3

Almost as insane as bein abl to do the 7 but not the five


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Member Since: 10th Jul 2003
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Posted:5 beat you mean? Erm, yeah, but unfortunately, once you've learned something, it pretty much always seems like a really easy concept. In the learning process, you need to break your muscle memory from more simple moves, which is tough.


Location: montreal
Member Since: 6th Oct 2003
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does anyone have any padding that i can borrow, cause i sence this is going to hurt, and take a long time!!

When i learned the behind the back 3bt weave i kep hitting the back of my shins ( dont know how u call that area) so i toook old soccer shin pads and flipped them over beerchug and since the string would whipe me in the eyes ( strings exact lenght to hit my face) i would wear ski goggles:) ubbloco

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Location: Oregon
Member Since: 1st Nov 2003
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Posted:That must have looked intersting ubbloco

Back of the shin is your calf btw wink

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