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Posted:why are they called cathedral wicks?

we've always called them consatina wicks, probably because they are... concertina shaped wink

and then when finding the slightly larger world of poi, we discovered that everybody else calls them cathedrals.. and yet i've never heard an explanation for why, other than.. 'but thats what everybody calls them'


anybody know?


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Posted:i thought this was going to be a thread about naming your poi.

my red socks have names, pedro and tarquin. tarquin has a hole in frown

as for cathedral wicks. no idea? sorry

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Posted:Since I came to HOP I have noticed many naming changes and even names for moves I took for granted. Maybe it's cathedral because the wick is stacked like a tower and not wrapped arround a core. (tubecore?) Or maybee in cathedrals the inscense the swing arround is arranged the same way in the little prety ball smile.

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I'm sure I remember reading a thread here that said that the cathedral fold was named because it was used to secure valuable decorations to tapestries in cathedrals and the like. Apparently it was used because it looks reasonably good and is a right pain to undo quickly, ensuring that thieves couldn't wander around stealing everything.

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Posted:Hmm, that was quite strange, maybe something to do with the machine I was using cutting out all the time.
I thought my post was lost in the ether somewhere but I've just been proven wrong, thanks Dom smile

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Posted:if you do a search on google for "cathedral fold" the only one that comes up with a proper match is HoP so I guess it's not a term that's used widely elsewhere

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Posted:i just call everything by the given hop name.... everything....

hop, i have put my trust in you, so hopefully ur right!! lol

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