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Posted:Ok I'm a bit slack and for some reason (I think I tried to think about it too much) it took me ages to learn to do butterflies.

Just got the hang of one handed forward butterfly in my right hand, I can work out how to do it over my head even though I haven't mastered it yet but I saw a move where you throw it under your arm that looked simple but smart. Prob is I can't get it yet. I guess you switch from forward to backwards butterfly but at what point on the circle and how do I stop my hand from going spazzy? Im sure someone out there can mock me with the simplicity of this move, please do!!

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Posted:Not sure what move your talking about but work it out with one poi at a time. It sounds like like when they're at the bottom of their circle though....

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Posted:Try it with 2 hands first. If it's the move I'm thinking about then it's a split time move - that is the poi heads pass each other at the sides of the BF circle, not at the top & bottoms. Get this going my changing how your hands power the BF - move them sideways instead of up and down.

Just as you put the BF over your head when the poi are at the top, in this move when the poi are at the side then can move to go behind you.


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