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Posted:I have seen Irreversible and would like to hear some oppinions of the members of this board who have seen it too. I am still not really shure what to think of this movie . . . strange !?! Is it just sick or is it more ? Never thought a movie could affect me that much - and I have seen a lot

thx - andy

To those of you who havent seen it I would strongly recommend not to watch it out of pure curiosity but to get some information before you watch it to make sure you really want to watch it - it is the MOST DISTURBING movie I have ever seen and I only watched it to the end because a good friend whom i really trust told me to do so. And somehow I do not regret it and only can forward his recommendation - when you watch it watch it to the end without a break !
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Posted:ooh ooh I just borrowed this off my mate and he says it's ace....full report coming tomorrow evening....or maybe later!! smile

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