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Posted:i have been spinning fire for about 4 months now and i never really heard of a good way to store my heads when i wasn't using them. what i have been doing is just disconnecting them and putting them in metal cans filled with fuel. is this a good way to store them?

also anything question i have is i was looking to get a set of duel headed poi. how do you store these when not in sure?i have been trying to figure it out but i haven't been very successful.


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Posted:I think people in general baby their wicks a bit too much. Remember, you spin these things around, drop them (probably), wrap them against body parts, and light them on fire! They can take a bit of abuse while just sitting unlit. Keeping them in a container of fuel can't hurt, as you already do, but if they're too big to fit in there, just leave them somewhere indoors where the dog won't chew them up. I used to keep mine soaking when not in use, but it was too much of a hassle to keep the fuel from evaporating in the cans, so now I leave them in my room on my desk and I see no increased wear. Your wicks will wear out due to loss of absorbancy from lighting them up far before you'll see the effects of non-fire wear.




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Posted:you want to get hold of a metal paint tin and cut a small hole in the edge of the lid for the chains, you can carry them around with the handle and they wont spill paraffin everywhere.

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Posted:I've got to agree Millenium, I have never stored mine in fuel when not in use

they hang up in the loo with all the other fire gear
or on the floor of the car
or on the floor in the house
outside on the ground....

I used to be more paraniod and wrapped each head in a peice of cloth - but that had more to do with not getting soot on me, rather than trying to look after my wicks.....

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Posted:After a burn my poi heads are quickly soaked then left to dry then kept in a tuperware box. Never had any problems and ive made a divider thing to keep the chains and handles separate from the wicks so no soot! I have my chains for nearly a year and they still burn as bright as they ever did!


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Posted:i keep all my sets in a huge box, its always in the back of my car, obiously covered in parrafin, and thats just my car....

i had a vision or thought be it what it will, about the fact that maybe my poi heads where being broken down due to them being soaked in p'fin 24/7 365?

surely the chemicals in p'fin break the wicks down? ubbrollsmile confused confused

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