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Posted:yeah uh i put up a site with about 20 tutorials with clips on more advanced poi moves, such as 7 beat, btb 4 beaat, butterfly weaves etc.

yeah um here is the link, just trying to spread the poi, and love.. beerchug


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Posted:Looks like your Angelfire space has been canceled.

Let's turn those old bridges we crossed into ashes.
We'll blaze a new trail,
and torch the rough patches.



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Posted:nice one tox.

ultra happy to see you got an 'ugly' variant in at about 29s on the crossers tutorial ubblol biggrin

and watching that one cleard up the crossers naming thing for me too.

i'd been subdividing a bit further down the line than that(hugs, uglies, low beat skirts) but crossers is a great way to descriibe the whole family.


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