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Location: Rotherham, UK

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Posted:Just out of interest, why do you think we decide to learn these arts?.
Is it for sheer enjoyment or for expanding your abilities, or both.
Is it for sheer self-satisfaction, or to impress others.
I suppose its different for each person, but i just wondered, because as much as i really enjoy these arts, im not sure what actually drives us to learn them.
Sorry if this sounds like a ramble. biggrin

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Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

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Posted:all of the above and more?

Art, exercise, self-expression, entertainment for me and for others, and the list goes on ad infinitum.

-Mike )'(
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Classic 90's Fire Dancer... Poi, Staff, Doubles, and Breathing
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Posted:Mostly Art and Self Expression for me. ubblove

I got into the Fire Arts by a good friend who taught me, my two sisters when we graduated High School. The Gift of Fire was by far the best Graduation Gift I recieved. Mel came home from Nepal in April, Made us a set of Practice Fire Poi, and we learned from eachother for a month and a 1/2. Got some Partner moves down and good solid Basic moves , then lit up on Graduation Night at the Senior Party!

I am a Double Fire Sign Aries with Leo rising, I guess thats why I was the only one out of us all who stuck with the Fire Dance(Funny being the only Boy out of 3 girls ubblol )

I find myself being more of a Fire / Water person and not much of an Air / Earth anyway. tongue

Good subject! wink

~Fire Spirit



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Location: Rotherham, UK

Total posts: 724
Posted:I suppose for me it must be self-expression mostly, and i do get a lot of satisfaction why i learn new moves.

Only when the last tree has died
and the last river has been poisoned
and the last fish has been caught
will we realise that we
cannot eat money.

Cree Indian, 1909


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Your Face!
Location: el paso, tx, USA

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Posted:I do it for the focus and the meditation. I t helps me to focus on evrey day things and it also helps me to find that place between me and myself. The place where i feel i can comunicate with my inner being. When i spin,It's like the poi aren't even there,just me and my self. That and the fact that it is also a big stress releiver for me.

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Perth, Australia

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Posted:The first time I seen firepoi done was amazing and I felt the need to learn. I was driven in the first few weeks to spin constantly and soon disovered this site. I came to poi through a friends death and so in a way its almost a way of remembering Nick too.

Poi have given me a way to celebrate and destress. weavesmiley

Now poi has bought me many new friends and soon I hope to meet a few of these friends in person!!!

hug hug hug

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Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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playing the days away
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Posted:well it's something nice to look at ain't it!!

But now I ontinue to do it cuz I love it and cuz all you guys make the whole community feel alive in a way I didn't even know existed hug

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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Location: currently New Zealand

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Posted:I didn't choose poi, poi chose me!
There's so many reasons...
1) pure addiction
2) THAT feeling when you finally bust out a trick you've been trying to get for ages
3) everyone involved with poi seem to be the nicest, funniest, chilled people I've met
4) the attention hehehe

peace wave


Rouge Dragon
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Rouge Dragon

Insert Champagne Here
Location: without class distinction, Aus...

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Posted:ive never really analysed why i dont it and for that matter i dont really want to. however i do find it fun and relaxing. sometimes when im stressed i just go and have a spin

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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sumthin sumin smmnm....
Location: home sweet home, USA

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Posted:I do it for the art, the self-expression, and out of the pure love for fire!


Tao Star

Tao Star

Location: Bristol

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Posted:i just can't help dancing, so it's perfect when there's music going, it's like the best dance ever.

i love to move my body and forget there's anyone else there, it's pretty meditative i suppose. redface

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big and good and broken
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Posted:i think my main reason is that i love learning.

juggling/poi/object manipulation in general not only stimulates the mind (when you try to understand and learn new tricks as well as when you are being creative and 'inventing' new things for yourself) but also the body too.

the thing that attracts me to poi and to a larger extent, juggling is that there is always going to be something in these arts that i cannot do yet - there will always be something to learn.

i think it also extends from my general appreciation of body movement and expression, exemplified for me in the disciplines of boxing, skating, dancing and snowboarding.

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False Eyelash
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Posted:I got into poi because my brother was doing it. And I want to do everything he does. biggrin

I've stayed with it because it's hard and scary. I didn't know anyone in my local fire spinning community (or here for that matter) - so showing up solo has been a huge challenge. Much harder than learning moves. Now I'm making friends and that's been a fun achievment.

But there's also the fear of fire itself, not to mention being on stage (in one way or another). I'd love to be a performer.

Plus it's fun. ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Well, I used to be scared of fire... then again, I used to be SOOO modest, too, and I got over That! I first saw poi with tails, and it looked easy 'til I tried it. I guess I like the challenge, and I sure like watching fire! And, the hotties who play with it... hmm, maybe I'll get me one...

take the schneak-tip


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