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Posted:Me and a group of friends are leaving london and going on a trip around europe.
Sorry to say see you later to all the friends i have made in the last 4 years in london.ubbcrying ubblove beerchug
But I need to get out and see the world.wave

I also wanted some help in finding the best festivals in europe. I am open to any kind of festival, but would prefer to go to music fest.

If you have been to or know of any please reply with info/web site

peace to all.

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Posted:Hehe, the only festival I've experienced was one in Aachen, where they threw lots of sweets outside of moving vehicles! I was fed on them for 3 days afterwards!
Otherwise I have no idea! Lots of glorious waterfalls, lakes and mountains in Austria though!!!!
Enjoy yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hug

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Posted:LOWLANDS is pretty fantastic, had a wonderful time there last year, though not much luck spinning and no fires allowed in the campsite. A few folk did try and spin fire but got stopped pretty damn sharpish

But if you fancy a good big festie with lots of variety and a theme park next door it's a great laugh smile



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Posted:If your into dance/trance parties then Mysterland, also in Holland is good:
This might help you out also:
Enjoy your travels peace

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Posted:Alright Mr Juggler.

I'm thinking about the same myself. Either going to europe in May and then onto thailand after Europe or just going straight to Thailand. Can't decide, but I'm also interested in this list.

The boom is on every 2 years in Portugal. I know many who've been and I've been offered a lift from Belgium so I'm thinking about it.

The Sonar

I've looked on the web and there's loads of teknivals on around the place(I thought there was only one in europe each year). I know someone who was at Czechtek before and said it was amazing eek

How you travelling round?

Any plans yet?

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Posted:Samothraki in Greece and Voov in Germany both meant to be excellent

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Posted:From what I know sonar's not a festival in the traditional tents+fields bash... dunno seemed a bit odd to be having one spread around a city - more like a collection of clubs than a festival.

Benicassim seems much more the sort of festival i'm used to - and rather tempting but havn't been to this one
note the english website hasn't been updated to cover the 2004 festy yet