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Posted:I ran a little search for topics on moving to Australia and didnt find too much, so if this is a re-thread, point me to an older thread and Ill post there.

Basically, I want to know what my chances are of moving to Australia (or New Zealand), from the United States. I read over the government sites for Australia and New Zealand citizenships, but thats all legal stuff, not really social. I've wanted to at least visit Australia (and New Zealand ::laughs::) since I was a fetus -- those red storms and the flora and fauna just stole my heart -- or at least as long as I've known about the places, which is just about at long. I heard from (other US-born) people that it's generally really difficult to become a citizen of either place even after having lived there for the prerequisite time, and there tends to be minor prejudice toward State-ers. If that's true (as a whole) I can understand; US-ers have an earned reputation for being assholes, and while it is still sadly one of the best places to be (that I know of and have been told), the reputation is a part of the reason I want to leave. I am rather sick of the US stereotype - or more specifically, the citizens who uphold it. Once I finish schooling at Evergreen, provided I get in at all, I plan on fleeing the States.

Anyone have any help? Need more information? Im all ears for anything.

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Posted:Nah we never use the spray. Rubbing vegemite on your face and arms is much more effective.
Nutella's no good though. Attracts ants. Which attracts spiny anteaters and you don;t want them too close up either. [img][/img]

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Posted:Originally Posted By: JXCI JUST WANT SOME DROPBEAR SPRAY.. i dont know about spray i have a paste for drop bears its very good on toast as well mmmmm vegemite


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